Doctor Irelyn Macbeth

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Name: Irelyn Macbeth Species: Human Age: 42

Stats: STR 6 > +0 DEX 9 > +1 END 5 > -1 INT 13> +2 EDU 13> +2 SOC 9 > +1

Skills: Science 1 (biology) Science 1 (Genetics) Science 1 (Psionicology) Admin 1 Electronics 0 Language 0 Medic 3 Art 1 (insrument) Drive 0 Diplomat 0 Investigate 1 Survival 1

Ally from uni (Amaranth Parr, "Ammi") Ally from scholar career (former boyfriend) 2x enemies from her dodgy research days

Equipment: TBC

Background: Irelyn Macbeth started life as a Scout's brat. She has fond memories of tinkering on his ship as a child picking up bits and pieces of science, languages, and electronics. When she was eight years old it all changed - her father found the remains of a lost civilisation and made both fame and fortune, and Irelyn found herself burdened with other people's expectations.

One of those expectations was that she make something of herself. At eighteen she enrolled in university and discovered a love of music and medicine. Parental pressure made her put her study of archaic instruments aside, and she focused on becoming a physician. She also met a lifelong friend, Amaranth Parr, and when they graduated with honours, "Ammi and Irri" vowed to remain lifelong friends.

Irelyn was a skilled physician, and within the first few years had been assigned to a secret project testing the effects of a prototype ship on the body. That was how she met Rip Leroi (@bikewrench), who lost a limb in an accident during the project. Shortly afterwards the project was scrapped.

She went back to the more prosaic work of doctoring, and had a fling with a handsome scientist. He wanted more, but Irelyn was always a career woman at heart and when she failed to get a promotion because of a "lack of focus" she ended the relationship. They parted amicably and he remains a friend (ally).

After letting herself down, she threw herself into career and made a breakthrough in the field of the genetic link to musical ability. This gained attention that lead to promotion, and a little later to a research project on the genetics of psionics. She took the job despite her misgivings, a decision she still regrets (2 enemies).

During a research trip, an accident left her stranded in the wilderness of a largely uninhabited planet. She survived - she is a scout's child, after all - but by the time she was picked up (possible link to Rand if it was his ship @roadscholar?) the research project no longer needed her. Secretly she was glad, and began looking for somewhere else to lend her services...