Durgaz: Organizations

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  • Dafrum-Dâgalûr

Durgaz’s old regiment, consisting of somewhere between 400 and 500 Orcs at any given time. Led by Talûn-karkû, the white worm, a fearsome Orc with a distinctive mane of white hair. Consists of members from approximately a dozen families, all of whom are constantly jockeying for position within the regiment (whose leaders are, of course, doing the same within the army of which the regiment is part.) Durgaz’s treachery is not tremendously well-known within the regiment, as open discussion of the incident tends to rouse Talûn-karkû’s anger. Among those that do know, not much is known beyond the fact that Durgaz went mad, killed two fellow soldiers and fled. It is assumed that he is dead.

  • The Kranklobûrz (Dark Mother) Tribe

Durgaz’s tribe, consisting of 3000+ Orcs. Durgaz’s father was killed long ago in battle; his mother now serves as a midwife back in the Northlands and knows nothing of Durgaz's treachery, or even that he is still alive; nor would she particularly care to learn either.

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