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Heros Paths.

Dwarf PC's


  • Str 3d6+6
  • Con 2d6 +7
  • Siz 2d4+4
  • Int 2d6+6
  • Pow 3d6
  • Dex 3d6
  • Cha 3d6-1

Roll each characteristic in order using one extra die, then discarding lowest.

You may swap one stat, but with dwarves it is tricky...only str, pow, dex and cha may be swapped, or con and int. Remember to swap the die roll totals before adding fixed mods.

Dwarves get a modification of their innate abilities in 1st Ed AD&D.

  • +5% in all combat with Orcs or Goblinkind.
  • +1/+5% on all reistances to magic or poison effects per 4 points of Con [round up].
  • +20% on all defences when fighting Giants, Ogres, Trolls and their ilk.
  • +50% on all perception rolls to do with depth underground or stonework traps
  • +66% to note sliding doors, hollow spaces
  • +75% to note slope, grade,and construction age.
  • Dwarves see in the dark [treat all darkness conditions except total darkness as good light] out to 60 feet.
  • Languages: Dwarves speak High and Low Dwarvish at 30%/Intx5%. They speak black tongue and goblin at 30% and trade at 30%. They may recieve no more than two other bonus languages [except for an aligned tongue]

You are restricted to 1st ed AD&D type heropaths, so a dwarf can multiclass, but has access to fighter, cleric, paladin[hard to do], thief, assassin and bard. no M-U's, illusionists, druids or rangers. Monk is just silly. Use the backgrounds in the RQIII monsters book.