Felix, childe of Ulaf

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Physical Appearance[edit]

Felix is an older Gangrel, and it shows. His form has been twisted by his lapses in self-control, despite his usually calm demeanor. He typically wears bulky clothing if he can get away with it, anything from jacketed suits to baggy pants and sweatshirts. These help to hide the patches of fur that spot his human skin and the full extent of his warped bones. If he can get away with it, he goes without shoes due to the pads on his feet. Shoes are now uncomfortable, if occasionally required, and typically have to be either custom made or modified in order to accommodate his feet. He's also got a pair of sneakers that he's removed the soles from entirely. They essentially strap on over his feet in order to conceal his otherwise unshod soles. His eyes are now amber and have the slitted pupil more normally associated with various feline species. These he hides behind fogged non-prescription eyeglasses, they're dark, but not quite sunglasses. His ears, now pointed and exceptionally hairy (though they're still on the normal part of his head, at least) he attempts to conceal with hats, beanies or fedoras, which type doesn't matter much to him.

Behind all of this concealment, and gradual alteration, it is hard to tell what - exactly - Felix might have looked like in life. His normal hair is somewhat long, thick, and blonde and usually kept tied back and occasionally braided either as one thick braid or as dreadlocks. The fur that patches his skin and covers his ears runs the gauntlet from white to black with browns an grays thrown in for good measure. The pads of his feet are thick and black and his toenails are longer and curved almost talon-like.

Casual observers are unable to define what makes him so unattractive to them. Were someone to attempt to analyze it they might determine that his jerky, halting movements remind them just a bit too much of a bird or an insect or that his fingers seem just a bit more claw-like than they're comfortable with. His posture is exceptionally poor - his back is beginning to arch in such a way that he is uncomfortable standing or sitting straight. His mannerisms are similarly 'off'. He'll usually circle a chair before sitting it and finds himself leaning in to sniff people he's meeting for the first time (or people he hasn't seen in a while). Despite his best efforts he'll go just a bit too long between blinking, or lash out at something on a table for no readily apparent reason. Sometimes he'll be distracted by something no one else can see. Some chalk this later behavior up to Auspex - except those that also have it and see nothing at all.


Felix's life before death was unremarkable and largely boring. He was born to a farming family and was raised there until such time as he left to start a farm of his own in a new town. He was an avid huntsman, even in life, and it was probably this quality and his predilection for the wilderness that drew his sire to him.

He was Embraced and abandoned, as so many Gangrel are. Left to fend for himself, he spent a great deal of time in the wild, until the blood of animals was no longer able to sate his thirst. It only took a few days in the city for him to be brought in and introduced to Kindred society. He spent much of the next decade carving a niche out for himself as a combatant. He was a favored agent of the local Sherrif and eventually found himself as the Scourage of their modestly sized German city.

Some time later the city suffered a Sabbat attack. Felix distinguished himself admirably, dispatching nearly a dozen Sabbat members during the two week long attack. During the climactic final battle with the invading Priscius and his pack of lackies, Felix lost himself in a battle rage. When he came too, he discovered that he had diablarized the Priscius after finishing off his body guards. Also, there were pads on his feet. He didn't try to hide the fact, and most of the local members of the Camarilla couldn't really find much fault with his actions, aside from the diablarie itself. He was banished from the city on pain of a Blood Hunt - a message to others that diablarie, even against the Sabbat, wouldn't go unpunished.

He spent a few years pursing the ancient Gangrel pastime of wandering, eventually landing in Amsterdam, where he went about establishing a more permanent residence. He avoids talking too much about his previous home, as he doesn't want people looking him up and discovering his crime. He's also not the type to hide it if anyone does find out. Enough time has passed that the black veins have long faded from his aura, so it isn't exactly apparent that it was done in the first place. One major consequence of which he is not aware is that the Priscius had a blood-bonded thrall which now seeks vengeance for her master's death, despite the bond no longer being in effect. His terrible effectiveness in the failed invasion also generated something of a reputation for him with the local (ie: central European) Sabbat packs.

Now he's well-established in Amsterdam and is something of the go-to man for Masquerade cleanups. He long ago began a subtle infiltration of the local police force for this purpose, eventually leading to near-total control. This helps him not only to clean up messes, but sometimes also to find out about them before they're even reported to him by Kindred sources. A consequence of his association with the police has been access to other branches of the city government and the local crime scene.

Character Sheet[edit]

Amsterdam by Night
Name Felix Player Avilister
Concept Cleaner Clan Gangrel
Nature Survivor Demeanor Judge Generation 7th
Physical Social Mental
●●●○○○ Strength ●●●○○○ Charisma ●●●●○○ Perception (Attentive)
●●●●○○ Dexterity (Feline Grace) ●●●○○○ Manipulation ●●○○○○ Intelligence
●●●●○○ Stamina (Tough as Nails) ●○○○○○ Appearance ●●●○○○ Wits
Talents Skills Knowledge
●●●○○○ Alertness ●●●●○○ Animal Ken Strays ●●○○○○ Academics
●●●○○○ Athletics ●●○○○○ Firearms ●●●○○○ Investigation
●●●●○○ Brawl Natural Weapons ●●○○○○ Stealth ●●○○○○ Law
●●●○○○ Dodge ●●●●○○ Survival Hunting ●○○○○○ Linguistics
●●○○○○ Empathy ●○○○○○ Occult
●●●○○○ Intimidation ●○○○○○ Politics
●●○○○○ Leadership
●●○○○○ Streetwise
●●○○○○ Subterfuge
Virtues Disciplines Derived
●●○○○ Conscience ●●●○○○ Animalism Humanity ●●●●● ●○○○○
●●●●● Self-Control ●●●○○○ Fortitude Willpower ●●●●● ●●●●○
●●●●○ Courage ●●●●○○ Protean Blood Pool 20 / 4 per turn
●○○○○○ Auspex
Backgrounds Merits Flaws
●○○○○○ Age ●●●○○ Calm Heart ●○○○○ Dark Secret
●●●○○○ Contacts ●●○○○ Enemy
●●●○○○ Elder Generation ●●●○○ Hunted Like a Dog (Sabbat)
●●○○○○ Influence (City Administration) ●○○○○ Prey Exclusion (Children)
●●●●●● Influence (Local Police)
●●●○○○ Influence (Organized Crime)
●●●●○○ Status
●●●○○○ Resources
●○○○○○ Retainer


Linguistics: German (Native), Danish

Contacts: Felix has a major contact in each of his three main areas of influence.

Status: Felix is the Gangrel Primogen of Amsterdam

Resources: Not blind to the advantage of money, Felix began investing small amounts here and there early in the 1900s and profited pretty well from the increasing industrialization of Europe. While he may not be the multi-millionare that many elders are, he doesn't really feel like he needs to be.

Retainer: Felix has blood bonded one of the local police precinct captains. He uses the captain as his primary key to his police influence and to perform miscellaneous day-time duties for him.