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Name: Adelaide Thibault
Age: 30 years
Gender Identity: Cisgender Female
Home Planet: Haven
Religion: Traditional Native American
Appearance and Demeanor: Adelaide is a red-brown skinned woman of Native American descent. Although she is an experienced outdoorswoman and can dress properly for such activities, she prefers to dress in formal, professional clothes whenever she can. Although she cares deeply about helping others, it often does not come across in her demeanor. She is emotionally reserved to the point of seeming cold and is quite proud, often setting her apart from others. She tends to approach things in an intellectual fashion, not relying on emotion, adding to her seeming coldness.

Adelaide Thibault.jpg

Forceful: 1d8
Savvy: 1d10
Charming: 1d6


  • Fixer: 1d8
    • Medic 1d8
  • Leader: 1d6
  • Operator: 1d6
  • Performer: 1d4
  • Scrapper: 1d6
    • Non-Lethal Subdual 1d6
  • Tracker: 1d10
    • Detective 1d6
    • Hunter 1d8
    • Forensic Scientist 1d8


  • Vanity: Medical Forensics Specialist 1d8/1d4
    • SFX: Clued In: Spend 1 Plot Point to turn a clue you’ve discovered into a 1d8 Asset.
  • Vice: Cold, Proud Intellectual 1d8/1d4
    • SFX: Cold Manner: Gain 1 Plot Point for taking or stepping up a complication related to your cold manner in social interactions.
  • Virtue: Driven by Duty 1d8/1d4

Signature Assets
Father’s Hunting Rifle 1d6
Medical Operative Field Kit 1d8

Freebie Points 2/2
Hunter 1d8 Knack: 2

Adelaide grew up in the mountain town of Turtle Lake on the planet of Haven. Turtle Lake was somewhat isolated from other settlements—but that was one of the reasons the original settlers chose the location. They were a group of Native Americans from a variety of tribal backgrounds who settled apart from others, so they could life their own way of life. There are plenty of people in Turtle Lake from other ethnic backgrounds, but the pan-Native American culture is the dominant one.

Adelaide grew up learning to hunt and trap from her father, Robert Thibault, an expert at both activities. She enjoyed being outdoors, but she was also exceptionally smart and good at academics. She managed to get a coveted scholarship to the medical school on Osiris in the Core. Realizing that her bedside manner was awful, Adelaide chose to go into forensic medicine. She thought it would be a good way for her to help people despite her extreme emotional reserve. She encountered a great deal of prejudice, with people native to the Core looking down on her for her Rim origins. Nonetheless, she did well and could have made a good career for herself in the Core. To the shock of her friends though, she decided to return to Turtle Lake on Haven. She had begun pursuing the medical degree with the hope of helping people in her home community and she intended to live up to that commitment.

In Turtle Lake, she worked in both the local medical clinic and the police department, as her skills were needed. She was close to few people, but people came to respect and trust her as they saw her dedication to her home community. When the second Unification War came, the same sense of duty that had driven her to return to Turtle Lake drove her to enlist with the Independents, even though she knew friends she had made in the Core were serving on the other side.