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Dr. Charity Coppelia is not real. She is a implanted personality. Whoever she really was vanished after repeated brainwashing and conditioning. The result of a project to create an assassin that could go deep undercover, and not even know she was an assassin. That ended after a raid on the facility where she was being reprogrammed with her latest personality. In the confusion she escaped, or more accurately wandered away. She had memories, but they were incomplete, of a life she had never lived. She found a wounded man in an alleyway and provided first aid. He offered to put in her contact with an underground clinic, since she had nowhere to go.

That began her life serving as a doctor for organized crime. A few months later, a rival gang hit the clinic. That was the first time one of her ghosts surfaced, fought back, and killed her attackers with a scalpel. When her allies found her, she was cowering in a corner, babbling about a mysterious woman who had shown up out of nowhere and saved her.

A year later, her patron was killed in a hit, and his rival took over. Dr. Copellia decided that she didn't want to work for him and managed to get a temporary berth as a ship's doctor, heading wherever it was going. Unfortunately for her, her current personality is a little too naive and trusting, so she often finds herself in bad situations, leading to her having to run away, and seek shelter somewhere new. Maybe the Righteous will be her new home?


A bit of an airhead, she seems almost perpetually puzzled and slow to recognize a dangerous situation. But she has a warm, gentle smile, and a kind heart. When she's treating injuries of diseases she tries to keep people as comfortable as possible. She empathetic to a fault and worries about people probably more than they worry about themselves. She likes cute things and can seem a little childish at times, despite being in her early 30s apparently.


An attractive woman with a gentle expression, big blue eyes, and long blond hair, usually pulled back into a fluffy ponytail. She usually wears a simple but stylish skirt and blouse under a white lab coat.


Physical d8 Mental d8 Social d8


Mysterious Past d8

You weren’t born to the life you’re livin’ now.

  • X Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • X Cortex Specter: Whenever anyone uses an information-based Asset against you, spend 1 PP to turn it into a No Data Found Complication of the same die rating.
  • X Ghosts of Yesterday: Create a d8 Complication relating to your history to step up your Fight, Know, or Sneak for a scene. This Complication cannot be stepped back by spending PPs to activate Opportunities.

Highlighted Skills: Fight, Know, Sneak

Ship’s Doctor d8

Sometimes it seems whoever came up with “First, do no harm” never had to deal with the people you have to deal with.

  • X Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • O Experimental Procedure: If you replace your Operate or Treat Skill with a d4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.
  • X Natural Healer: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury-based Complication.

Highlighted Skills: Know, Operate, Treat

Personality Ghosts d8

Sometimes when things get a might stressful, one of your past selves lends a helpin' hand.

  • X Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • X Jack of All Trades: Take or step up a Personality Conflict Complication to step up Shoot or Trick for the rest of the scene.
  • O Trick of the Trade: Spend 1 PP to create an Operate or Sneak specialty for the rest of the session.

Highlighted Skills: Drive, Operate, Sneak


  • Craft d4
  • Drive d6
  • Fight (Silent Kill) d8
  • Fix d4
  • Fly d4
  • Focus d4
  • Influence d4
  • Know (Poisons) d8
  • Labor d4
  • Move (Evade Pursuit) d8
  • Notice d4
  • Operate d8
  • Perform d4
  • Shoot d6
  • Sneak (Blend With Crowds) d8
  • Survive d4
  • Throw d4
  • Treat (Induce Complications) d12
  • Trick (Feign Innocence) d6

Signature Assets[edit]



Banked: 0