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Mattie Sullivan Ross

Birthplace: Londinium
Age: 14


I won't hear anyone say anything bad about mama and papa. They were rich, but they cared about people. Mama did charity and papa made sure to help those that needed it, especially soldiers from the war who were down on their luck. He said it was the Christian thing to do. Papa was an alliance solider in the war, but he was back behind the lines... Sorry, it is hard to tell this story. Like I said, Papa hired those who needed help, and it was one of those men, name of Tom Chaney, who killed mama and papa. There were lots of stories about why Tom killed them, but i know it was greed, pure and simple. I left the school on Londinium and traveled all the way out to the rim, to make sure Mama and Papa were properly taken care of and sent back home.

On that small moon the Sheriff told me that it as likely Tom had lit out into the Black, where none but smuggler and criminals would ever meet him. The sheriff was not very good at his job and I told him that to his face. He actually laughed and agreed and told me I would be better off hiring bounty hunters to find Tom Chaney than in trusting to the law. What sort of people are on the rim that think that way? It is a terrible place and I wish Papa and Mama never came.

Everyone told me to go home, to go back to school, to get ready to run the family business when I was old enough. I could jut post a bounty and leave it at that. But a bounty hunter would just be interested in the money, a bounty hunter would not be seeking out Tom Chaney for justice. I remembered what the sheriff said about only smugglers and criminals likely to ever see Tom Chaney. If that was so, I would travel with smugglers. And to make sure they behaved properly I would buy the ship and hire them, making sure they knew they worked for me.

There is a lot of space out there, but I know I will find Tom Chaney.


Mental d8
Physical d6
Social d10


Drive d10 Horses
Fight d6
Fix d8
Fly d6
Focus d10 Grit
Influence d10 Polite Society
Know d8 Economics
Treat d8

All others skills at d4


Filthy Rich d8

Leverage: Double Influence when offering a bribe or threatening financial ruin.

Wet Behind the Ears d8

Easy Mark: Gain 1PP when you are tricked by more worldly folk or whenever someone takes advantage of your naiveté.

Caring d8

Signature Assets:

Dragonfly 'Zhèngyí Zh Nù' (Righteous Wrath) d8