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Biographical Details[edit]

  • Name: Michael Smith
  • Concept: Actuary trying to account for the occult in his tables.
  • Description: Absolutely average in all aspects (aka the dull Mary Poppins). Utterly unperturbed. So boring he comes back around to interesting.
  • Obsession: Quantifying the effects of the supernatural for the use of predicting outcomes
  • Physical Description:



  • Being Unable to Build and Maintain Relationship with People
  • Tied to: Isolation


  • Attempting To Quantify the Unquantifiable
  • Tied to:


  • Magical Thinking
  • Tied to:


  • Protege: Benjamin Banuelos 60% (A young man Michael used to work with who has been shaken deeply by they occult, and who Michael has been helping to get back on his feet.)
  • Favorite: Mary, 29 from Tinder 45% (Michael met Mary on Tinder in the early days of his research into occult patterns and they hit it off, it was only later he realized that Mary was the most commons woman’s name in the US, these days most people meet their significant others on-line and Tinder is the most used site. He takes this as a good sign.)
  • Responsibility: Rainbow Moonstone 60% (Every Steven needs a Pearl)
  • Guru: International Actuarial Association 30% (One day he may be able to work for them and implement some of his new actuary tables)
  • Mentor: Nicole Sargent 40% (They probably work together occasionally, and Michael is probably interested in her ability to form more emphatic connections than him)


Actuary 40%[edit]

  • Because I am an Actuary, of course I can rattle off statistics, assess risk, makes predictions about future trends and behavior, bore people, do lots of math.
  • Substitutes: Notice
  • Feature: Coerces Self
  • Feature: Resists Shock to Self

Stratostician 50%[edit]

  • Because I am a Stratostician, of course I can tell an avatar from a lunatic, jump to incorrect conclusions that somehow pan out, distinguish the residue of gutter magick from the residue of amateur art projects.
  • Substitutes: Knowledge
  • Feature: Substitutes for Secrecy
  • Feature: Evaluates the Unnatural

So Boring It's Interesting 30%[edit]

  • Because I am So Boring It's Interesting, of course I can make dull topics seem interesting, look unassuming, maintain year-running routines, don't show emotions.
  • Substitutes: Lie
  • Feature: Resist Challenges to Isolation
  • Feature: Resist Challenges to Violence

Shock Gauges[edit]


  • Hardened: 3
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Fitness 60%
  • Dodge 20%


  • Hardened: 3
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Status 45%
  • Pursuit 35%


  • Hardened: 0
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Knowledge 60%
  • Lie 20%


  • Hardened: 7
  • Failed: 1
  • Syndrome:
  • Notice 30%
  • Secrets 50%


  • Hardened: 4
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Connect 40%
  • Struggle 40%


  • Michael is the most common First Name for boys born in 1980 and Smith is the most common Surname in the US.
  • September 16th (His birthday) is the most common birthday depending on the look-back period used