For Fortune and Glory:Adfirmo Exnihilo

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Adfirmo Exnihilo, Explorator and borderline Heretek


Adfirmo is a Magos Biologis of Mars who has narrowly avoided being declared Heretek on multiple occasions. His superiors were only too happy to shunt him off onto a Rogue Trader's ship when the opportunity arose, hoping he'd never return. He's extremely excited by the ship he's blagged his way onto; he's keen to learn things from the ancient machine-spirit and plasma battery. He'd also like to find out more about the mysterious presence haunting the ship, theorising it may be some unusual and interesting xenos lifeform for him to study, dissect and learn from (before eventually exterminating it in the name of the Omnissiah, of course).

He tries to hide his heretical leanings behind continuous, rote sloganeering. This is exemplified by Strepitus, his Servo Skull, which has been upgraded with encantors, litanisers and vox-casters to distract his foes with random deafening shouts of praise for the Omnissiah (as well as the standard multi-tools for messing about with tech). It may also be far more intelligent than a dumb servo is supposed to be. Could Adfirmo really have jury-rigged an ancient machine-spirit he found in a Martian catacomb into a servo-skull?

He's a Magos Biologis by training, but extremly skilled with mechanical systems too. He's good at using his machines and implants to heal injuries. He prefers to fight from a distance with his custom triplex-design hellgun, but does have a shock-staff for melee as well.


Aspect (broad concept): Madcap technologist, quietly exiled from Mars - he's excellent at utilising all forms of technology, especially ones he shouldn't.

Aspect (trouble): Heretekical leanings - looking too closely at his methods, his zany ideas or the construction of his machines could reveal his Heretekical ways.

Aspect: Strepitus the Servo-Skull - can distract foes or persuade authority figures with a loudly and suddenly proclaimed Imperial/Mechanicus slogan. Can hover, scan, see in the dark, and interact with machines through its combi-tool. Its construction and its level of intelligence may be heretekal. Adfirmo loves it and treats it like a pet. Occasionally the litanisers go off unintentionally, which can be an issue for stealth.

Aspect: Adfirmo's collection of tools, implants, archaeotech, biological and chemical reagents, and other technological odds and ends. Allows him to do amazing things with machines. Contained in large, heavily locked chests in his quarters.

Aspect: Adfirmo's triplex hellgun, linked to his implants, which can produce especially powerful blasts at the cost of draining his Potentia Coil. May contain stolen, heretekical Tau or Spyrer technology.

Skills: Crafts 4 Lore 3 Shoot 3 Drive 2 Investigate 2 Resources 2 Fight 1 Deceive 1 Notice 1 Burglary 1


Stunt: Chirurgeon - Can use Lore skill to Overcome wounds, even those beyond the capabilities of normal first aid, provided they're willing to accept it might be an 'experimental' treatment...

Stunt: Technologist - Gets +2 when using Craft skill to create an advantage by modifying, creating, utilising or interfering with machines

Stunt: Strepitus' Voice - Can use Crafts in place of Deceive or Provoke when using Strepitus' encantors and litanisers


Mechanicus implants (including cyber-visor, rebreather, potentia coil), custom hellgun (linked to implants), shock staff, Strepitus the Servo-Skull, narthecium implant, Enforcer light carapace armour, multikey, void suit, injector, sacred unguents, micro-bead, combi-tool, dataslate