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Disney Dumps Roberts In Favor Of Bullock! [url=]Celebrity Gossip [/url]

Since when does Julia Roberts get turned down for roles? Since...Now! Reports are going around that it was Julia Roberts that Disney wanted for the flick ?The Proposal?. However, Julia refused to lower her salary, so the studio was forced to let her go in favor of another star, Sandra Bullock. US weekly reports that Bullock was the immediate choice for the role and the movie turned out to be a good grosser across the world!

It's a tough break for Julia, considering we can?t remember the last good movie she was in and ?The Proposal? raked in a whooping $151 million at the box office! Perhaps it?s time to lower your prices Julia; otherwise more people are going to stop buying what you?re selling! Think about it! Perhaps that has encouraged and triggered her to work really hard in her next flick to make it a hit and good grosser.

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