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Name: Tony Tanaka


Player: Silent Wayfarer

Origin: Determined Outdoorsman

Class: Soldier 3/Medic 4

Age: 36

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 172 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Backstory: Tony grew up on a farm in the Midwest, and while he had to leave the outdoors eventually, the outdoors never left him. His grandpa was remarkably hearty despite being well over sixty when Tony first went to stay with him, and he taught his grandson how to shoot, fish, trap and hunt. Grandpa was also a bit touched in the head, and became something of the lone American gun nut after his wife died. Fortunately, Tony didn't pick up much of the old man's paranoid streak, but he still insists on being at least minimally prepared to deal with almost any kind of adversity.

Growing up in wide open fields inculcated something of the country boy in him, and Tony, defying the stereotype of most Asian kids, wasn't a hard worker, preferring to spend his time skipping class rather than studying. Of course, his lack of focus meant that he wasn't much of an athlete either. And while he was good, he wasn't good enough to get a sports scholarship to college. His results were just mediocre enough to close off most jobs to him aside from minimum-wage retail or fast-food jobs, exactly the kind of things his parents warned him that he'd have to do if he didn't work hard enough.

The experience was a wake-up call for Tony. Resolving not to waste the rest of his life in this way, he chose one of the few options he had left which appealed to him - enlistment with the Marines.

The regimented life didn't surprise him. The many lessons about things which only seemed tangentially related to the military lifestyle got a raised eyebrow. But what really set him back in his seat was finding out that he'd been posted to the Naval Corps Hospital School for training as a medical specialist. It wasn't too bad, though. Medical work was a skilled vocation, and once you got past the ick factor, it was remarkably slack, at least for his new posting greenside back at Parris Island.

After Tony's contract expired, he opted not to renew it, eager to make a fresh start for himself in thr world. However, like quite a few people who'd spent a significant portion of their lives in a controlled environment like the Corps, he found he couldn't adapt himself to civilian life. Eventually, he signed on with a local EMT firm as a paramedic, but then it went defunct, and its replacement had no vacancies for him.

One of his friends, Derek Cartman, was a police officer, and he suggested that Tony join the force, rather than go back to the Marines. After a brief stint as a beat cop, Tony's application to SWAT (made partly in jest) went through. He had to unlearn a lot of his military training in the SWAT team - shoot-throughs and fragging every room before entering were no-nos, for instance. But Tony kept at it, and he eventually settled into his position as a breacher on his team, as well as their medical specialist.

Recently, he's been partnered with Brad Rivers, a young, hot-headed kid who vaguely reminds him of his younger self. Tony's taken a liking to Brad, and hopes he'll be able to turn him into a proper copper before he gets himself kicked off the force.



STR 10 (+0)

DEX 14 (+2)

CON 14 (+2)

INT 12 (+1)

WIS 16 (+3)

CHA 12 (+1)

Derived Values[edit]

Action Dice: 2d6

Vitality Points: 46

Wound Points: 16

Fortitude: +6

Reflexes: +4/+2

Willpower: +10

Stress Threshold: 16

Subdual Threshold: 14

Knowledge Check: +8

Request Check: +8

Gear Check: +10

Defense: 13/15

Initiative: +7

Base Attack Bonus: +6

Unarmed: +6

Melee: +6

Ranged: +8

Weapon Proficiencies: Blunt, Explosives (forte), Handgun, Hurled, Shotgun (forte), Submachine gun (forte), Unarmed

Primary Weapon: H&K UMP .45 ACP (Damage 1d12, E/T 1-2/19-20, Ammo 25M5, Rec 8, Rng 30 ft., SZ/H T/2h, Qualities CLS, CMP, TKD, Upgrades: Laser Sight, Suppressor (fixed), Tactical Flashlight)

Secondary Weapon: S&W 5906 9mm P (Damage 1d10+1, E/T 1/20, Ammo 15M4, Rec 15, Rng 25 ft., SZ/H D/1h, Qualities CMP, Upgrades: Ported Barrel, Removable Muzzle Brake)

Armor and Protective Gear: None

Speed: 30 ft.


Athletics +8/+10 (5 Ranks, +3 insight bonus, +0 STR mod/+2 CON mod, Result Cap 30, Threat 18-20)

Cultures (North American) +2 (1 Rank, +1 INT, Result Cap 20)

Drive (Mounts, Animal-Driven vehicles, Standard Ground Vehicles (forte-Police Cruisers)) +3 (1 Rank, +2 DEX, Result Cap 20)

Intimidate +5/+8 (5 Ranks, +0 STR/+3 WIS, Result Cap 30, Threat 20)

Medicine +16/+14 (10 Ranks, +3 insight bonus, +3 WIS/+1 INT, Result Cap 50, Threat 18-20)

Notice +8 (5 Ranks, +3 WIS, Result Cap 30)

Profession (Cop) +2 (1 Rank, +1 CHA, Result Cap 20)

Resolve +13/+12 (10 Ranks, +3 WIS/+2 CON, Result Cap 50)

Sneak (5 Ranks, +2 DEX/+1 CHA, Result Cap 30)

Survival +11/+9 (5 Ranks, +3 insight bonus, +3 WIS/+1 CHA, Result Cap 30, Threat 18-20)

Tactics +13/+11 (10 Ranks, +3 WIS/+1 CHA, Result Cap 50)

Interests: Music, Pets, Scary stories, Reading


Origin Abilities: may retry a skill check without penalty 4/session, free hint 1/session, +2 Wound Points, +2 Possessions

Class Abilities:

Accurate: Each time you spend 1 action die to boost an attack check, you roll and add the results of 2 dice (e.g. a Level 1 Soldier’s bonus of 1d4 becomes 2d4).

Angel in White: Each time you or an adjacent teammate spends an action die to regain vitality or wound points, the number of points recovered is doubled.

Fortunes of War I (DR 1): At Level 2, you gain 1 point of damage reduction (DR 1/—). Further, as a free action, you may double the DR granted by this ability for 1 full round (see page 346). You may boost your DR in this fashion a number of times per session equal to your starting action dice.

Patch Up I: At Level 3, you may increase your error range by 1 to decrease the time required to make any Medicine/First Aid check to 5 full actions, or any Medicine/Treatment check to 3 minutes.

Resuscitation 1/scene: At Level 4, once per scene, you may revive a recently killed character. The target character must be between –10 and –25 wounds, and must have died within a number of rounds equal to his Constitution score when you begin. You must tend to the character for 1 minute. At the end of that time the character is restored to 0 wounds but must consult the Table of Ouch (see the Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook, page 332) with a result of 1d20 + double the number of negative wounds he suffered.

Search and Rescue (Advanced): At Level 1, your Survivalist feat also applies to Medicine checks. Further, you gain the Advanced Skill Mastery (Survivalist) feat.

Stay With Me (Medicine): At Level 2, when you fail a Medicine check that may be re-tried, you may spend 1 half action to try another approach. As long as the check DC is equal to or less than your class level + 20, the new approach is automatically successful. If more than 1 grade of success is possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result. You may use this ability even if your initial check results in an error, but you must declare its use before the critical failure is activated. You may use this ability a number of times per session equal to your starting action dice.

Vehicle Familiarity I: At Level 4, at the start of each mission, you may choose 1 specific vehicle or mount to be considered familiar. If the vehicle or mount is part of your mission gear, you must have previously operated it for a minimum number of hours equal to twice the highest Caliber of the vehicle or mount, or any vehicle weapon or gadget installed. If the vehicle or mount is part of your Lifestyle or chosen with the Favored Gear feat, this time requirement is waived. You may be familiar with only 1 specific vehicle or mount at a time. The chosen conveyance gains a +1 bonus to Defense and Damage saves, and you gain the same bonus with Initiative and Maneuver checks made using it, as well as Electronics, Mechanics, and Medicine checks made to repair or heal it, as appropriate.


Bandage: Medicine is always considered a class skill for you. Further, your Medicine/First Aid and Medicine/Stabilize checks do not possess the Gear (First Aid Kit) tag. If you do possess a first aid kit when you succeed with one of these checks, your career level is added to the target special character’s career level when determining how many vitality points he recovers. Finally, your error range with Medicine checks made during combat increases by only 1/2 the standard amount (+1 for First Aid and Stabilize checks, and +3 for Surgery checks).

Fire-Team Basics: Once per round, you may take a Cover Fire action as a free action. You must possess a 2-to-1 or greater advantage to use this ability.

Fire-Team Mastery: Once per round, you may make a Medicine/Stabilize check as a free action. Further, if you successfully leave a combat, each of your injured and dead teammates is automatically brought with you. You must possess a 2-to-1 or greater advantage to use this ability.

Rising Star: You may begin choosing from expert classes at Career Level 4 and master classes at Career Level 9, though you must still meet all other requirements before doing so. Further, the first time you suffer exposure during a mission, the Reputation or Net Worth penalty decreases by 2 or $100,000 (minimum 0 or $0), as appropriate.

Survivalist: You gain a +2 insight bonus with all skill and Knowledge checks made with Athletics and Survival. Further, your base threat range with these skills becomes 19–20.

Tactical Advantage: You and each of your teammates count as if you were exactly 2 characters when determining numerical advantage (see page 172). This effect does not stack when multiple characters in a team possess this feat, and has no effect when a character already counts as 2 or more characters due to another feat or ability. Further, the DC of any Joint Action in which you participate decreases by 10 (minimum 0). Finally, you may lead a Joint Action as a half action.



Possessions: (WM-12 (Daewoo USAS-12; Recoil Pad, Ergonomic Stock, Duckbill), First Aid Kit II, Light Tactical Truck II (Ergonomic seating, Luxury fittings), FN Browning Hi-Power (Ported barrel, Extra ammo), Extra gas, Extra 12g, Laptop Computer I, 3x Liquid Skin Patches I, 3x Atropine Shots I, cell phone, PSP, flares, flashlight, MREs, camelbacks, rope, backpack, climbing harness, sweet sweet candy, matches, Leatherman, compass, map, radio, load bearing gear

Spending Cash: $100

Currently Carrying[edit]

H&K UMP .45 ACP III (tactical flashlight, laser sight, suppressor 5.9; lbs., 30 XP)

S&W Model 5906 9mm P II (Use stats for H&K USP 9mm P, Ported Barrel, Removable Muzzle Brake; 1.7 lbs., 20 XP)

Melee Stun Gun I (2 lbs., 10 XP)

First Aid Kit I (5 lbs., 10 XP)

Demolitions Kit I (5 lbs., 10 XP)

Tactical Radio I (1 lbs.)

flashlight, safety goggles, earplugs, handcuffs, 20 zip ties, load-bearing gear, go-bar, Leatherman, glass punch (3.5 lbs., 9 XP)

Total Weight: 27.1 lbs

Current Condition[edit]

25 stress damage

-46 vitality points

-19 wound points (-3 wound points)

-45 rounds from H&K UMP (13 rounds left in clip)