Gaga Session 1

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Session 1: Welcome to Gaga, Fuck You.

Gams invites Angler to have lunch at the Big House with Sadiq. Sunset is invited along as a 'date.' Hush Hush is tied to the table. Sadiq talks about justice. Angler opens his brain to find out about Hush Hush, badly.

Chaplain comes up to Tai's workshop to bother her while she's working on a fan. Chaplain brings some supplies, and wants Tai to work on an Anti-Brainer device.

Colonel Sir has Joe Antichrist and his Girl stashed away in his “vacation house” and sends Hammer and Dez to retrieve them, without really telling them anything about what to expect. Hammer and his men go in the front door, firing at a few of the Leatherbacks, who seem to be fighting amongst themselves. Dez goes off to the side, poking about, and finds a side way in, and finds JA and JG, and gets shot for her troubles. One of the Leatherbacks lights the house on fire. Dez and Hammer both open their brains, and see strange stuff- including dead Leatherbacks. When the two return and report in, they learn the importance of Joe Antichrist and the Blood, and are shocked by Sadiq's plans.

Boo feels cheated by a bunch of junkers led by Jackabacka & Parcher, so she turns to Jones. Jones puts the mind whammy on Parcher, Jones probably takes more money from Parcher's guys than is necessary, which is apparently a breach in market law or something, so Roarke hauls him before Sadiq. Sunset emerges from Sadiq's house to calm the crowd down. Sadiq decides to make Jones his new enforcer (replacing Hush Hush). Sadiq asks Jones to help Tai build her “anti-Jones” Then Tai messes around with Hush Hush's mask. DON'T FRAK WITH MASK, MAYBE?

After all that, there's some fights, and Rourke gets his throat cut.