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*In the Reign of King Random see[[Running Sheet Gangdis]]
#REDIRECT [[Running Sheet Gangdis]]
<big>'''Gangdis of Cogswell'''</big>
*Before Bunny Free's Siege
[[File:Gangdis of Casowill.jpg]] [[File:Sirgangdis4.jpg]]
*Cogswell, also known as Cosowell, is a Shadow of the Golden Circle realm
'''Hobbies: Gambling, Drinking, singing, scrimshaw''' 
Knight of the Elites.  Elite of Prince Random
His official rank is Sergeant. His unofficial Rank is Captain(Valorous Knight-First).
'''''Total: = 37 Stats +14 Powers +12 Skills +42 Items +10/10 allies/Enemies +4 Good Stuff +Storage'''''
* in Stats
* x (x) in Powers
* in Skills
* (x) in creatures/Items
*0 in Allies (0/0)
*3 Good Stuff
*5 Adagalask et al
**Spent-Raise Strength 3 * Endurance 1, Ally 1 Relmapator,
*Psyche:5 (defends as 50)
=='''Powers {14}'''==
*4 cantrips
*10 Power Words.
=='''Skills {12}'''==
*2 Scavenger
*2 horsemanship
*1 Seamanship
*1 Brewing
*1 Whittling - wood carving
*1 Scrimshaw
*1 Music-Song
*1 Games of Chance
*1 Card Games-Cardsharp
=='''Allies & Enemies {10/10 = 0}'''==
*2 Cordelia Feldane
*1 Duchess Solange Charenton
*1 [[Dame Margot]] of Anisi
*1 Brand of Amber
*2 Various
*4 various Members of the Amber military
*1 Shannon Feldane
*1 Ronan Mikhale
*1 Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe
=='''Items {42}'''==
*Naval Saber
Gangdis's Coat of Holding-24 pips
*4 Invulnerable-5 Transfer
*2 Rapid Healing-5 Transfer Repairs damage to self-Speeds healing of wearer.
*4 Pips-Mixed Holding Spaces. 
*1 ability-People tend not to notice the coat, nor take it from him unless magically compelled to.  It is usually overlooked.  If he is captured and the prisoners are ordered to strip he is generally allowed ot keep his coat for unknown reasons.
*2 N/N Forms-Battle wear, daily wear, night shirt, 
*1 Ability-Comfortable Environment.  Keeps him warm and can confer that warmth to 2 others.
Gangdis's Boots.-8 pips
*4 Invulnerable
*4 Deadly Damage Steel Toed
Gangdis's Clamshell Greaves. 4 pips
*4 Invulnerable-5 Transfer Mithril.
Gangdis's Coffee Flask (5 pips- Gift From Caine)
*4 Invulnerable
*1 ability- Everfull with Caine's Navy Coffee
Gangdis's Bowler Hat-5 pips
*4 Pip Invulnerable
*1 Ability- Only he can remove it.
Nasty Place Graduate Blade (20 pips-Benedict)
*4 Deadly Damage
*1 Rack Spell-Fire Ball, centered on blade.  Blade is thrown, Fireball explodes on contact.
*1 Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
*4 Shadow Wide
*2 N/N Forms: NP dagger, Churchwarden pipe
Safe Seated Saddle 2 pips
*2 Ability-Firm Seat in combat
+4 Good Stuff
Anointed Valorous Knight, First Class-Psyche defends as 50
==='''Gangdis of Casowill'''-'''Active '''===

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