Grand Court of Amber (JR&WoB)

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Court of Amber

King- Random I, Son of Oberon

Queen- Vialle I,

  • Queen's Companions: Mistress Carmel Urien
  • Ladies in Waiting: Mistress Lucia Feldane (Chief Lady in Waiting), lady Lucille Urien, Lady Nadia Cavandish,Lady Beth Cavandish, Lady Lydia Norwolf, Lady Jill Malaroy, Lady Cordelia Feldane, Dame Sally Mal at Riess, Lady Yalla Ganth

Herald's Office

  • Crown Herald-Lord Allen Dormin


  • Chancellor of the Exchequer- Lord Aubry Du Motier

Diplomatic Service

  • Steward of Amber-Lord Hymal Urien
    • Counsel to the Court of Amber. Lord William Roth

Royal Service

  • Châtelaine- Dame Margot. Amber Mistress of Festivities.
    • Random's Correspondence Secretary Lady Carly Castalwie.
    • Chief Minstrel to the court of Amber- Lady Marissa Mal at Riess

Art & Sciences

  • Minister of Arts and Science- Dame Cynchild Motius

Court Jester of Amber- Droppa Ma Pantz

Deputy Chief of Protocol Gethrun Norwolf. Fussy and prim. Often the contact overseeing incoming dignitaries.

Master of Ceremonies of Amber. Harald Chantris aka "Lord Harry" Leader of the Royal Lifeguard.

King's Scribe Lord Humphrey (no last name). A constant presence within 25 ' of Random at all times. court reporter.

Chief Priest of the Unicorn in Amber Ivor Venway.

Lighthouse Keeper of Cabra. Admiral Sir Jopin

Harbor Master of Amber. Eustance Clemans

Marshal of Amber-Prince Bendict of Amber

Warlord of AmberDuke Shannon Feldane. Second in command of the Armies of Amber. Commander of The defenses of Amber

Constable of Amber-Chief of Police Wyndham Feldane

Captain of the Royal Bodyguard William Feldane

King's Personal Bodyguard. Sir Galvar ot Ossric. Son of Osric. Almost never more then 10' away from Random.

King's Page- Melvin

Chief ScribeMilios Mikhale. A master of calligraphy and illumination.

Lord Mayor of Amber City-Paris Ashlurian

Economic Deputy Steward-Salvador Kesh. Head of House Kesht. Banker's Council of Amber. Board-Bank of Amber. Director-Amber Military Aide Society

Deputy Director-Amber Military Aide Society-Elspie Kesht

Kingdom Historian Duchess Solange Charenton-Head of House Charenton.

Keeper of the Privy Seal-Tyler Smials. King's Privy Secretary. Cupbearer. Keeper of the Privy Seal

Deputy Crown Herald & Keeper of the Order of Precedence - Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe

Admiral of the Navy-Prince Gerard of Amber

Warden of Arden-Lord Duncan of Arden.

Dukes of Amber: Cogswell Mal At Riess, Wolfgang Chantris, Shannon Feldane, Duchess Solange Charenton
Counts of Amber:Ivor Venway
Baron or Earl of Amber: Dame Margot, Dame Hanith Hale, Godmund Norwolf, Salvador Kesht, Valand Bayles, Edmund Ganth
Elite Amber Guard: Senior Lieutenant Sir Earnest Chantris, Eustance Clemans