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[[File:Great shoals.jpg]]
The Great Shoals is a region of icy waters and shifting sandbars above the north of the continent of Amber.  This icy watery region caps the globe but does not create an ice cap.  Instead wintry weather causes glacial sized iceberg that wedge onto the sandy ground.
The shifting sands and frequently shifting water depth makes shipping nearly impossible.  No water based shadow paths leave the realm or arrive in the realm this way. 
In general the depth of the water is in the 100 to 4000 foot range, although frequent sandbars breech the surface.    Shipping is extremely dangerous.  Never the less the Navy maintains a harbor at Port Blue, though it is mostly a military base it is also a popular tourist destination for peoples of icy realms. 
==Great Shoal Locations==
==='''Port Blue'''===
This deep water harbor at the north of the continental mass of Amber maintains a small but fierce military presence of peoples from frozen and cold  water peoples.  There is some commercial shipping and some industry mostly involved in fishing and Great Shoals pearl diving.  Nearby are a few mining operations and a some timber companies dealing in exotic woods.
==='''Cragadour Keep'''===
A keep deep on the polar ice far from land.
==Great Shoal Produce==
The Great Shoals are a rich region for pearl-bearing mollusks of a great many types.  Pearl Hunters endure great hardships to harvest pearls in the arctic conditions.  The Amber Pearl Oysters have a mechanism to eject pearls so that killing the mollusk is not required. 
*'''Ice Pearls''': a clear type of pearl, are found in these waters and are highly prized.  They are used in sorcery focuses as well as being used by fourtune tellers.
*'''Green Pearl''':  Prized by Unicorn worshipers.  These play a part in many religious decorations.
*'''Sheet Pearl''':  These are massive pearls created by giant flat oysters typically a large as 10' across.  The oysters themselves are massive and many create more then one pearl at a time.  Divers collecting sheet pearls tickle the oysters to open, extract the giant pearl sheets. The are used in many ways as decorations.  They are prized in Rebma especially as table and counter tops.  These oysters are almost never killed and are believed to be of great antiquity.  Some legends include them a sentient beings though divers who deal with them claim this is nonsense.
*'''White Pine''': Great Shoal White Pine is a hard and attractive wood used in many types of fine furniture.
*'''Bristle Pine''': This knotty and short tree is harvested leaving the stump to regrow.  Used for decorative pieces like boxes. The peices are too small usually to use for furniture.

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