Halls and Horrors

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- Main Page; The Lost City


  • Small box w' 20 rolled black lotus leaf (+1 to initiative, to hit, Dam and AC), lasts 6 turns. Cumulative (on d6) chance of tremors (-2 to all physical stats) lasting 1 day/dose smoked if used more than once a week. Roll for tremors after initial effect.

Mule 1

  • 562 gp - under flagstone in Harem area

Mule 2

  • 195gp 202sp- goblins on way in
  • steel shovel
  • mallet bound in bronze
  • a silvered short sword

Dumped in furniture room

  • Five mail byrnies and closed helms (sized for humans), 10 human daggers, 4 swords, two handaxes
  • 3 weeks of human iron rations, a longbow and quiver with 15 arrows, 4 iron spikes
  • Bronze cookpots, a shortsword, three weeks iron rations, two wineskins (full) and a lantern (no oil).
  • 9 spear heads

Taken from Bazelos

  • Two small brass phials and a bag of platinum coins (44pp).

Lurks loot.

  • Ten bags of gold (100gp ea), a gold letter opener (150gp) and pen-set (250gp), along with a ledger detailing expenditures for the running of the halls.
  • 15 swords,4 handaxes, eight shields, 5 helmets, 21 spears, two staves, eight crossbows and 140 bolts in quivers.
  • 11 small emeralds (10gp ea). 15gp,87sp,31cp.
  • A gold necklet encrusted with rubies. (1200gp).
  • Two magic arrows (rust-red flights, runes 'iron-bane') and a ring with an odd glyph (ring of thievery, +1 to one thief skill of choice).
  • Two large, scaled eggs (dragon eggs).

XP Tally[edit]

  • Stirges. (30) 390xp.
  • Obj: Tizuns status. [some danger,easy](50xp ea)
  • Iron golem. (bypass) 120xp
  • Befriend Gleda. 23xp
  • Befiend/rescue Yvis and Cleb. 225xp
  • Defeat cronies (tied up in empty cistern) 78xp
  • Win over guards.36xp
  • Kill Lurks. 144xp

Total: 1014xp +50xp ea.

Dealing with the Brothers[edit]

  • Charm and slaying of Seega. 60xp
  • 8 zombies destroyed. 160xp
  • MU and Ftr Slain. 130xp
  • Diker. 425xp
  • Acolytes. 50xp
  • Win over more guards(8). 48xp
  • Capture 5 cronies. 63xp
  • Obj: Defeat Seega and Diker, take control of area. (25xp ea)

Total: 936xp + 25xp ea

Securing the Halls[edit]

Breakdown for shared xp would currently be: Full share- Liku, Havan, Aristophel, Sparrow; half share -Grimgar, Fenc, Eldariel, Valarn. [6 shares in total] Loot is split howver you want it.

8Achievement xp

  • Night Dancers 900xp
  • Room of Doors 200xp
  • Tizun Thane restored 450xp

Total = 1550xp, so 260xp per share to keep it simple.


  • 2 bloodhawks 40xp
  • 4 Giant ants. 500xp
  • 4 giant wasps 150xp
  • 8 huge ants 200xp
  • 5 trogs [4+leader] 150xp
  • Total 1040xp, so 1 share is 175xp, rounding up.


  • Assassin 120pp
  • Seega: 400pp, 300gp,
  • Deadventurers:4 gems (50gp ea ) 20pp, 13 platinum bars (50gp each)
  • Trogs: A gold and Jade Necklet. (700gp)

Total: 4550xp


  • The sword Eyes: +1, +2 vs magic users, int 10 Ego 8, speaks common and dwarven, Neutral, detect magic, see invisible objects, find secret doors. [Havan]
  • Book "The look of Eagles" (+1 Charisma).
  • Spellbook [Travelling book. 3 1st & 2 2nd [Detect magic, Read magic, Read Languages & Locate Object, ESP].
  • Javelin of lightning
  • Magic spear (runes) (+1, +2 vs metal based/clad foes)
  • Remarkable leather armour (+1)
  • Plate and Mail (+2).

Unknown: Iron God shrine: A flat iron chest about two feet long, one foot wide and 6" deep. [This was heavily trapped]. Detects to magic.