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Character Sheet[edit]


Tomboyish, fourteen-fifteen?

Rail-thin and always slightly smudged and dirty (if nothing else from her mechanical experiments).

Reddish brown hair cut short and kept under her cap.


High Concept: Girl with a Quantum Brain! (Anachronist Street Rat)

Curse: A Million Billion Bastards - there are so many of them keeping good people down, and like any good engineer Jack needs to get the dirt out of the machinery and fix the world.

Other: "I´m not a MAD scientist, jus´ an ANGRY one."

"I can fix it!"

"Grew up on the fookin´ streets"


Fate Points: X Refresh: Y


Physical: OOO Mental: OOOO


Mild: N/A Moderate: N/A Severe: N/A



  • +4 - Gadgeteering (Crafts), Will
  • +3 - Notice, Athletics, Stealth
  • +2 - Burglary, Deceive, Lore, Stealth
  • +1 - Fight, Provoke, Drive, Resources, Empathy

Stunts: Gadgeteer: Intuitive understanding of technology. +2 to Crafts when building complex machinery.

Mega-Stunts: Engineer Goddess: Can use [Crafts] instead of appropriate skill for her own (or similarly advanced) gadgets; only one free substitution per encounter, and changing within a scene costs 1FP. Pay 1 FP to have a ready-made or quickly assembled (temporary) gadget appropriate for the situation on your person.

COST: When utilizing her quantum brain, Jack must eat a lot! Going without extra food might create complications or some condition like Exhausted or Dizzy.


(Weapons, sidekicks, etc) Spring-loaded harness: An exoskeleton allowing for mighty leaps and the use of grappling hooks/wires - normally used for traversal, but it has been known to be utilized for catching on to some bastard and kick them in the teeth, or pulling guns from their hands. One of Jack´s first inventions, and a tribute to her old gang of urchins - the Rooftop Runners - who died in a block fire.


Lots and lots of half-eaten snacks

Toolbox, mix of extremely basic and ridiculously advanced

More tools stashed away about her person