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Character Sheet[edit]

Lady Octaviana of Octoped, Countess of the Odenvisk Depths

Since prehistoric times, the race of Octaped has dwelled on the Atlantic Ocean floor in an uneasy truce with Atlanteans and other undersea races. They were wise in ancient sciences and quiet, avoiding war and conflict in the vastness of the sea but proving to be cunning stealthy predators when attacked.

As humans advanced, the race of Octaped also began their ascent, making secretive contacts with the land to understand their ultimate enemy for rulership of the planet. Recently, deadly war-krakens have stopped human shipping and demanded tolls for the privilege of passing through the ocean - escalating tension between the British Empire and other countries. So far there has been no bloodshed.

About 5 years ago, Lord Reginald was a younger son, sent into business. He sailed the seas trying to win his fortune. Penniless, Lord Reggie donated his, umm, seed to Octaped agents in exchange for a pile of shipwreck gold. He returned to London with glowing tales of wealth and adventure.

Through dark arcane science, Reggie's seed was cross-bred with Octaped blood from a ruling line. One of the hybrids is Lady Octaviana (there are other hybrid sisters assigned to other world capitals.)

Lady Octaviana arrived in London a year ago for intensive human culture training. She was then presented to HRMs government as an ambassador in London with perfectly documented papers claiming Lord Reginald's noble blood and diplomatic credentials. (One of her missions is to research paranormal forces, evaluating future allies or threats, so she has applied to be a member of the Club.)


High Concept: "Archetype + descriptor"

Alien Ambassador

Curse: “Is it worth this?”

Seductive Octaped Hybrid

Most humans react with fear and horror upon seeing an Octaped. Her existence as a human-hybrid even makes some Octapeds uneasy. However, Lady Octaviana has been carefully designed by her masters into a form pleasing to male humans and impossible to disguise or forget.

www.deviantart.com Octopus Girl by Chiiasa on DeviantArt www.deviantart.com www.deviantart.com


Perfect Upper-Class Lady - Lady Octaviana was schooled in Victorian manners and proper English language at great expense.

Amphibious Stealth Predator - Octapeds are predators that hunt in the dark of the ocean floor with a strong thirst for the kill. Normally they are aquatic but Lady Octaviana was genetically modified to breathe air and move on land.

Envoy of a Foreign Power - The Octapeds are a resurgent aquatic species claiming ownership of parts of the Atlantic Ocean with deadly battle-krakens threatening shipping and the Royal Navy. Lady Octaviana has diplomatic immunity as a member of the Octaped Embassy sent to encourage more friendly relations (and totally not a spy).


Fate Points: X Refresh: Y


Physical: OOO Mental: OOO


Mild: N/A Moderate: N/A Severe: N/A



  • +4 - Deceive
  • +3 - Resources +2 (+3 for upper class), Stealth , Empathy
  • +2 - Rapport, Fight, Lore
  • +1 - Athletics Will Notice Investigate


(Empathy) Heart's Secret. When you successfully use Empathy to read a person's emotional state, if that person's aspects are secret, the aspects the GM reveals must be those that are of the utmost importance to the person, unless you explicitly instruct her otherwise. If the person's aspects are not secret, you may choose which one to attach each of your free invocations to. (adapted from Spirit of the Century, §6.10.2)


Octaped - She has 8 fully functional limbs that can serve as arms or legs. She can use up to 4 arms at once. She can use up to 8 legs to swim, crawl up a vertical surface or provide stability. Weakness, she has very poor fine dexterity. She has difficulty manipulating small objects like buttons or pills.

What the Hell Are You? - Her adaptable skin can change to a base color or to blend in with her surroundings to vanish from sight. Weakness - she must spend at least 4 hours per day immersed in water.

(Ninja Vanish. Once per scene, you can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point, using a smoke pellet or other mysterious technique. This places the Vanished boost on you. While you’re vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where you went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll. (Fate Core, p.126)


(Weapons, sidekicks, etc)

Diplomatic Papers = Grants a one-time advantage whenever dealing with governments


4 Sharktooth Knives Fine wardrobe

Vorpal sword: gets a +2 on its first thrust, as well as a -1 to opponents' armour on all attacks, as its nimble blade seeks its target's weak spots.