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High Concept - Super Athlete. I'm stronger, faster, tougher, more agile, more enduring than the best athletes in the world.
Invokes: Anytime I can deal with a problem physically.
Compels: Any time I shouldn't deal with a problem physically.

Background - Ex-Pro Wrestler Altered by a Mystic Lion Blood Serum. I was mostly a Face, but I can Heel if I have to. Besides giving me my powers, the serum gave me cute little lion ears and a lion tail, and I can roar really loud!
Invokes: Hitting my finishing move, the "Lion Tamer". Playing to the crowd and getting people fired up. Feigning injury. Roaring to scare someone.
Compels: Playing to the crowd when I should be finishing off a bad guy. Not being taken seriously because of my lion features. Animalistic instincts cause by the mystic serum.

Trouble - Everybody Knows Who I am. I don't hide who I am and I'm pretty famous, at least in the US and Japan. But fame's a two edged sword, and sometimes I stand out when I don't want to.
Invokes: Not having to prove who I am. Being helped by a fan. Being given special treatment because I'm a celebrity.
Compels: Not being able to hide who I am. People badgering me or wanting me to do things when I'm out and about. Being hounded by paparazzi. When a bad guy wants to target me, I'm easy to find.



  • Forceful


  • Flashy
  • Quick


  • Clever
  • Sneaky


  • Careful


Stunt 1 - Because I can't disappoint my millions and millions of fans, once per game session, I can remove one mild consequence I've taken in a fight.

Stunt 2 - Because I'm a master of the squared circle, when I'm an enclosed area, I have a +2 to Quickly create an advantage in a fight.

Stunt 3 - Because I have the blood of the King of the Beasts, I have a +2 when I Forcefully try to overcome an animal.

Other Statistics[edit]

Stress Track

[_] [_] [_]


Mild [2]:

Moderate [4]:

Severe [6]:

Refresh: 3

Personal Details[edit]


Lioness is a 6'2" tall busty white woman with the toned physique of an extreme athlete. She looks like she's in her late 20s. Her fluffy white hair is usually in a long braid, hanging to her waist. She doesn't have human ears, instead having white-furred lion ears on top of her head. Her eyes are amber colored. And she has a white furred lion tail.

Her hero costume is a variation on her old wrestling one. She wears a powder blue cropped jacket, open with the sleeves rolled up, over a pink spandex wrestling singlet, with white knee-high laced wrestling boots and white knee-pads, and white fingerless gloves. There's a stylized white lion head logo on the back of her jacket.

When not heroing, she wears a variety of casual outfits, usually jeans or shorts, rather than skirts. The colors pink, blue, and white always feature prominently in whatever outfit she's wearing.


Leona blinked in pain as she looked up at the lights above the ring. The crowd was silent. They could sense that spot had gone wrong. Her opponent lay on her, getting the pin. "You OK, Leo?" The ref counted to three and made the signal to the back that this was an actual, serious injury.

"I can't feel my legs, Kelly. I'm not going to be able to walk of here."

Two of the bigger male wrestlers came out to lift her up, one on each side, and carefully brought her out of the ring. As they carried her up the ramp, she raised her fist to the rafters. The crowd started to clap and chant her name. "LI-ON-ESS! LI-ON-ESS! LI-ON-ESS! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!"

A week later, she was still in the hospital. The doctor shook his head. "I'm sorry, Ms. Lyon, but the fracture completely severed your spinal cord. You'll never walk again."

Leona closed her eyes. Her hands impotently gripped the edge of her blanket. Tears streamed down her face.

A month later, sitting in her new wheelchair, staring at her bank account balance sheet. The hospital bill would wipe out almost all her savings. Not like the Old Man gave his workers health insurance.

Her email pinged.



She shook her head and laughed bitterly. "That's some well targeted spam." Her mouse hovered over the delete icon. Her career was over. She'd never step into the ring again. What the hell was she going to do? Go be a greeter at Wal*Mart? She snarled and shook her head.

"What have I got to lose. It's not like he's even asking for money."

A week later, a battered package wrapped in brown paper arrived. From Nigeria. Inside was a single vial of red liquid. The label simply said "DRINK".

Leona stared at it for a while. "What the hell am I doing." She pulled out the stopper and drank the fluid. "Ew. OK, that tasted even nastier than I thou--".

She collapsed, and fell out of her wheelchair.

The doorbell rang. Leona shook her head. "Ugh. Wow, it feels like something died in my mouth, three days ago."

She staggered to her feet and answered the door. It was Kelly "KillKelly" Jackson.

Kell dropped the bag of groceries she had been holding and stared. "Le-Leo? Is that you?"

Leona rubbed her forehead. "Yeah, who else would I be?"

"You're... standing. And... and... have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?"

Leona ran to the bathroom. Ran! With her legs! She stared at the image in the mirror. It was her. Her face. But her ears were gone. And she had cute little rounded cat ears on the top of her head. And her eyes were amber colored. And her hair was snow white. She felt something brush against her leg. And she had a tail, with a tuft of fur on the end. Like a lion.

"Holy. Shit."

Leona sat in the meetings with the Old Man and the writers.

"OK, so, for your big comeback, we were thinking, this is an opportunity to change your character up a bit. You've been a Face for a few years, and the act is getting kind of stale."

"We were thinking, since you've got the whole "white lion" thing going on, that we'd leverage that. Have you start calling yourself White Lioness, and lean into the whole alt-right white power thing, and have you get over as a Heel."

Leona looked at them in disbelief. "What? No effing way! I can't do that to my fans, and eff being an effing Nazi mother-effer!"

The Old Man leaned forward. "Listen, Leona, no one is bigger than the business. We already have scripts written up and angles planned. Or would rather spend the next five years as a jobber?"

Leona stood up abruptly sending her chair crashing into the wall. "Eff that, and eff you. I'm done. I don't need your effing shit anymore."

Leona walked through the airport, fresh off her flight back from Japan. It had been a fun year working promotions there, but the Japanese fans were a little too intense. And being a real-life cat-girl in Japan was crazy. And the doujinshi. Oh god, the doujinshi. So much porn drawn of her. Straight. Yuri. Futa. Genderswap. Guro. She shuddered involuntarily at the recollection. What had possessed her to agree to appear at Comiket?

She sighed. But now what? The Old Man would take me back, sure, but I'd pay for it. Some things just weren't worth it. Now what am I going to do?

Just then a flying figured smashed into the terminal. A hero. He lay still. The villain that had hit him strode triumphantly through the hole.

Lioness grinned. "Now that's what I call a sign."