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House Hale is an ancient house dating back to the reign on Queen Cymnea. It has distaff and cadet lines cross shadow but its current incarnation has out lasted most of them.

Current Duke: Hanith Hale

  • Brilid and Hanith had 2 sons, 1 daughter

The Hales are nobles in Amber, Thelusia, and many other realms. Dame Hanith is one of three people who speak with the reclusive Dowager Queen Clymnea. Hanith is known to be sharp tongued, arrogant, and stubborn. Known to be one of The Ladies

House Hale is an old house with 5 main branches:

  • Amber:
    • Hale:The Ducal Title of House Hale belongs to Duchess Hanith. She had 2 sons and one daughter by Duke Brilid. The legends of the Hale Housetells mostly of the two sons competing in service to amber and both of their lines dying out. This passed the ruling line to Hanith's daughter. Dame Hanith is the undoubted Head of the House but each of the cadet branches has its own Head and they don't always get along. Also, the heads of the are of dramatically different ages.
    • Hale-Gunnir: Rokoro Hale-Gunnir is Dame Hanith G,G,G,G,granddaughter. She refers to her house as House Gunnir and tries to avoid having her house interact with Dame Hanith's House in any way. Not vocally antagonistic of Hanith, they are clearly not fans of each other and keep their family affairs separate. Rokoro is known to be ambitious in wanting a House Declaration for her to create her own house.
    • House Cofi: Baron Colfi Hale is in direct line of the House Hale in Dame Hanith and is he Great,Great,Great Grandson Through her granddaughter's line. Born Illegitimate, was formally adopted but has been removed form the line of Succession to the house for un clear reacs. He is a frequent companion of Dame Hanith. Fire Marshal of Amber- Field Marshal-Second Legion, First Cohort

Azcolix Hale is the Greatgrandfather of Colfi Hale. For some reason, during the Siege of Bunny Free, he was banished, his line disinherited. The reasons are not public knowladge and the taint of the suspicion of treason follows his heirs

  • Rebma
    • Hale-Usos: Unmani Hale-Usos is the head of the Rebman branch, a a great, great,great granson of Hanith. A quiet but forceful man in need, he led a Legion of the Rebman Navy in many battle across shadow during the Patternfall War. He generally does not visit Amber and has almost no connection with Hanith.
  • Diaga
    • Hale-Abledan:Castel Vos Hale-Abledan is the most militarily acclaimed of the House. A friend of Benedict, a leader of the Diega Legions at Patternfall. He is on the Golden Circle Military Council as Diega's representative. Sadly he and Dame Hanith bitterly hate each other.
  • Thelusia
    • Rakala-Hale: Duke Agalar Rakala- Hale is Hanith's great-grandson though her grandaughter's line, and he is the closest relation.

Agalar is also the son of Princess Agcealea of Thelusa and Hectstar Hale. Since he is also in the line of Succession in the Thelusia Royal family(6th in line) he forfeits a claim on House Hale, some argue. He has polity refused to accept the Duchy of the Hale in order to not anger the royal family of Thelusia.

Evan of Hale and Dart of Hale1 are not blood relations to the Hales or each other, but both were born in a Hale Fief. They have some loyalty to the House Hale in the way people are loyal to the places they grew up in regardless of where life look them.