House of Seven Winds - Raya Lun

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The Basics

Name: Raya Lun


Refresh: 2
Physical Stress: [1] [2] [3]
Mental Stress: [1] [2] [3]


High Concept: I always make my deliveries.
Trouble: I have something everyone would kill for.
Free: Fast & agile as the wind
Free: The city is a friend to me


+4 Athletics
+3 Fight, Notice
+2 Stealth, Burglary, Contacts
+1 Chi, Deceive, Physique, Will


Like the Wind: You gain a +2 to Athletics checks involving traversing difficult terrain, jumping or climbing


Lightning Serpent Style


Lightning Crosses the Sky: When you succeed with style on a Fight attack, you may move 1 zone in addition to gaining a boost. If someone or something tries to stop this movement, gain a +2 to rolls to overcome.
Serpent Strikes First: Use Athletics to determine turn order instead of Notice in combat. Apply a +2 bonus instead, if both Notice and the selected Skill are the same rank or Notice is greater.