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'''Class:''' Warrior<br>
'''Class:''' Warrior<br>
'''Spec:''' Fury-Arms<br>
'''Spec:''' Fury-Arms<br>
'''Guild:''' Vanguards of Azeroth (overtly), Shadow Coven Sisters (covertly)<br>
'''Guild:''' Shadow Coven Sisters<br>
'''Level:''' 40
'''Level:''' 57
'''Eyes:''' Hazel<br>
'''Eyes:''' Hazel<br>
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===Primary Professions===
===Primary Professions===
*'''Blacksmith:''' ''Expert'' - 195/225
*'''Blacksmith:''' ''Artisan'' - 275/300
*'''Miner:''' ''Artisan'' - 215/300
*'''Miner:''' ''Artisan'' - 300/300
===Secondary Professions===
===Secondary Professions===
*'''Cooking:''' ''Artisan'' - 225/300
*'''Cooking:''' ''Artisan'' - 300/300
*'''First Aid:''' ''Expert'' - 141/225
*'''First Aid:''' ''Expert'' - 141/225
*'''Fishing:''' ''Novice'' - 20/70
*'''Fishing:''' ''Novice'' - 20/70

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Constanz Clearwater - Feathermoon server

Race: Human*
Age: 20
Class: Warrior
Spec: Fury-Arms
Guild: Shadow Coven Sisters
Level: 57

Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Dark
Hair: Red-brown

Hometown: Stormwind, Elwynn Forest
Current home: Darnassus, Teldrassil

* Though she is human, her lineage includes some High Elf blood (very dilute, but present), and she identifies herself as a Night Elf


Primary Professions[edit]

  • Blacksmith: Artisan - 275/300
  • Miner: Artisan - 300/300

Secondary Professions[edit]

  • Cooking: Artisan - 300/300
  • First Aid: Expert - 141/225
  • Fishing: Novice - 20/70


Born six years after the Second War to a minor noble family (a distant branch line from the ruling Wrynn family), Constanz was still a girl when to the shock of all the kingdoms of the East, King Arthas assassinated his father and ascended to the Lordaeronian throne, throwing the kingdoms into utter chaos. Shortly afterward, the Undead and their demon masters completed their overthrow of the northern kingdoms, but were held back from the south by the stout hearts of the Dwarves.

Shortly after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the 14 year old Constanz moved with her parents - diplomats in the service of King Varrian - to Darnassus and spent the following four years, which proved to be the most formative of her adult personality, deeply immersed in the culture and habits of the Night Elves. Eventually, she came to the temple of Elune and became a worshipper of the Moon Goddess. Her long exposure to Teldrassil during her adolescent growth caused the very dilute Elven ancestry in her blood to express itself, and her body has taken on some aspects of a night elf's - her ears, though normally sized, have slight but noticeable points and her eyes glow softly (most noticeable in extremely dim light).

Eventually returning to Azeroth and the Northshire Abbey for training as a warrior of Azeroth, she nevertheless found herself drawn back toward the Night Elves and their ways. In many ways still an outsider in Darnassus, she nevertheless fights constantly for acceptance within her adopted culture.

Physically, she is a young human/half-elf woman in excellent shape. Her left arm is heavily scarred close to her hand, as her two-sword fighting technique often puts her left hand in harm's way as a guard. Her left pinky has a heavy scar marking where an ax blow nearly removed it from her body.

Personal motivations[edit]

  • Loyalty to her Sisters is paramount
  • Serve her people and the Alliance faithfully
  • Prove her worth
  • Destroy the Lich King's minions and hamper his efforts wherever and whenever possible
  • Become wealthy enough to retire from adventuring


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