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This is the wiki page for the play-by-post FATE game, In Exilium, using the Free FATE system modified by a homebrewed hack.

It tells the story of a community of escaped slaves, carving out a new niche for themselves in the untamed wilderness of an unfamiliar world.


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Campaign House Rules

The In Exilium setting and house rules are available here.[br]

  • Refresh Rate: 5
  • Starting Aspects: the 4 listed are compulsory. The document says "5" because I removed one of the listed Aspects (originally Something I Love and Something I Hate were two distinct Aspects) without changing the number. My fault; will fix in the new version of the document
  • Stunts You have 4 free Stunts that do not cost Refresh; this means the campaign's actual Refresh Rate is 9. I've chosen 9 instead of 10 because PCs can also gain compel-less Fate Points from appeasing gods/spirits/the Fates in the course of play; this is generally going to be at my discretion as a reward for good RP.
  • Resources: Nobody is allowed to take Resources in their skill pyramid at character creation.
  • Workplace: Once settled in the Keep, all PCs will have one free Workplace pertaining to their role in the community.
  • Rolls: Our "official" dice-roller is here. Use the code Exilium so that others can see your rolls.


Nicos Dawnchaser

Played by Svlad





  • (Name) Redeemed Stringholder
  • (Culture) Traders, travellers, and storytellers
  • (Purpose-Bred) Your feelings are an open book, and I brought a pen.
  • (Something I Love) For Maas' dream, even unto extinction.


  • +4 Empathy
  • +3 Leadership, Deceit
  • +2 Rapport, Melee, Connections
  • +1 Athletics, Investigation, Knowledge, Intimidation


  • Well-Oiled Machine: +2 to Leadership rolls when the efficiency and coordination of an organization under his stewardship is a variable.
  • Just Tell Me The Truth: +1 to Empathy checks made to detect lies.
  • Inspiring Leadership: Spend 1 FP, get (Leadership) FP to distribute to friendly PCs/NPCs, FP granted vanish at scene end.
  • Ruthless Interrogator: +2 to Intimidation checks made when interrogating a helpless prisoner.

Background (abbreviated)

  • Former secret police regional director using the name Nicos Brewslinger, ran an underground den of vice, he and his people the Chrin were kept in thrall by the belief that Taker-provided drugs were essential for having children.
  • Brought into Maas’ organization early, provided communication/intel and drifted into the role of quartermaster. Not formally acknowledged, but always relied on. Maas ensured thhat everyone knew what Nicos used to be. Changed his name to signify his redemption.
  • Highly passionate about the cause, prgamatic, persuader and dealmaker, not fiery and inspirational as a daily thing though he knows how.
  • Workshop - Supply records

Marama of The Meadowlark breed.



  • 3


  • (My Name) - Moonlight shimmers in her hair and voice.
  • (My Culture) - Legends and Myths are our bows and arrows
  • (Purpose Bread) - We are players in other’s scrips.
  • (Love/Hate) - I fear so much for my children.

  • (Other) - Grandmother Storyteller
  • (Purpose Bread 2) - Inbred ‘beauty’
  • (Workspace) - Abysmal Den.


  • Great (+4): Aesthetics
  • Good (+3): Knowledge, Deceit
  • Fair (+2): Empathy, Connections, Rapport
  • Average (+1): Leadership, Intimidation, Stealth, Lore


Silvery Voice: +2 to Aesthetics having to do with Singing. Trained Sex-worker: +1 to attempts to seduce or satisfy sexually. Subtle Courtesan: May use Aesthetics as Rapport when acting as an entertainer. Actor: +1 to Deceit for 'playing a role' (as opposed to hiding a fact)


The legends say that once the Entertainers were spirits, beings of pure story, that knew time only in the way the ocean knows of the moon. That they fought among each other not for the Takers, but for their pride, for their love, for their hate. It is said that they had great Queens who fought with the sway of time and march of bodies. That they lived in tunnels far from the sun, and went out only in night, the sun a strange and distant foe. That once they ruled over slaves of their own, feeding off their terrors and their dreams of freedom. Instead of living off the often noxious scraps of dream they were given.

But they do not know, their sages died long ago. They have long been forced to work in the hated sun, and their skin only whitens instead of burning. Their bodies have changed, no longer are they the fiery serpents that they once were, but instead they ape their masters' and their servants' forms. They sing songs not their own, and are used as toys and guard dogs. Their nests harvested to make curios and decorations. There talents chained to other's will.

The Entertainers now days look like humans with skin that tans pale, and are often beautiful but in a some what hackneyed way. They look more like stereotypes then like real humans. Almost like dolls or drawings. They once had grand kingdoms, but under the Takers were mostly kept in small incestuous groups, bred for strange and often painful or dangerous traits.

They still have a connection to dreams and stories, able to weave the senses together they were used as actors and prostitutes, and tools for certain magics, even by the unwary as personal servants and nanny's. (though the Takers considered this bad parenting, much as we might consider letting a child use a computer or a TV unsupervised bad). It is said that they used to use this as a weapon, but those skills are lost.

They still make there old nesting material, used as a sort of stiff but soft fabric, it responds to the magic of the worlds changing colors and warming slightly.

They need dreams, like a human needs vitamin c, but those dreams can also change them.

Marama is one of only older females of this race to survive, as she has her children to draw on for loyalty she is their de-facto ruler, but her second eldest eyes her position, and the unrelated ones question weather she chooses for her race, or her family. Even all together they are the smallest group among the Exiles, as few had the chance to hear of Maas, and most died in the immediate aftermath of the Doom.

Marama's home was like pretty much another breeding center for her people. Better then many, worse then others. She trained for her role, and watched her children, teaching them what she could, knowing that most of them would be bought while still young. A few, only the best, though were kept to use as breed stock, as she had been. Singing and 'making love' for clients and her breeders, raising her children, being mated, dealing with pregnancy. Her life passed by each year much like the last, if with different faces. And then her masters started hearing strange rumors, about a trouble maker among the slaves, called Maas. They laughed at his words and stories. But Marama heard the tone of true Myth, and secretly, subtlety pulled everything about him she could from those she met, and just before the Doom she gambled it all, convincing the rest to try and escape as the were being transported, she lost children and lovers that day, but in her heart she thinks it worth it. The quick death of most of her people during the Doom supports her reflected vision. She has used those days, and the long loyalty between mother and child to build up some clout, but even for her, the urge to be a mirror, to show people what they want to see, and not what she wants to show them is *painful* to resist.




  • (Name) “First”
  • (Culture) Labour Slave, brutish, durable, unimaginative, expendable
  • (Purpose-Bred)Working till death
  • (Something I Love) freedom/ A better life, no cost is too much.
  • (Other- negative?) Struggles with own nature
  • (Workspace: 'Gang' hut)


  • +4 Might,
  • +3 Resolve, Endurance
  • +2 Survival, Engineering
  • +1, Leadership, Melee, Alertness, Rapport


  • First among low equals: +2 to leadership when dealing with other Mules, where appropriate may use might instead of leadership for persuasion.
  • Life is Hard: +1 to resist pain
  • Inspired: +1 to resolve when acting directly in aid of the dream of Maas. Unable/ unwilling to accept failure.
  • Unhuman might: +2 might for pure strength feats at the expenditure of a fate point


The Takers idea of improving their stock didn’t only go to the positive, they also had room for a sub-human labouring breed, people who would take orders without thinking around them, would do what they were told even at the hazard of their own lives. They messed with their stock and created the Mules, a uniformly male breed apart who breed true with any female they are inflicted on.

The average Mule is a natural born slave, devoid of any culture, when on his own prone to thuggish violence, brutality and poor hygiene. Under the Takers they had no concept of art, music or gentler pursuits, there was only the task they were given and the space between given tasks.

For the most part that space was filled with ape-like brawling, casual violence to one another and the otherwise constant task of trying to find-steal enough food to be less hungry. Their short, toil filled lives were lived communally, no distinctions of permanent property or lasting relationships, pain hunger and toil for others the only constants.

Even among these low folk though there was a need for leaders, people who the overseers could pass the direction to without having to repeat it themselves a dozen times. Such Mules were named ‘Firsts’, and expected to maintain order up until the point the overseers felt the need to step in. This required the aberration of a slight intelligence.. and a greater degree of violence than the fellow Mules banded with them.

This particular First was lucky enough to hear the ideas of the saviour, and took the idea of Freedom and a better life for all to heart in a singularly Mulish way, believing them as others believe they need air to breathe, ready to work, fight, bleed and die to see them realised, whatever the cost to himself.

Somewhere in his thick skull is the awareness of what his people in particular would do with total freedom, and the incompatibility of that with the wider happiness of society, but frankly he hasn’t thought that far, and has service so heavily trained into him that he isn’t entirely sure it matters if his people don’t get the freedoms others do.

Personally he struggles with his own nature, his own natural propensity towards violence and the barbarism he was raised in. As a Mule he struggles with the all too correct perception of his breed as dumb, thuggish subhumans.

Hooks for minor threads

  • A new name for the people - their names are ad hoc, descriptions rather than anything else, a powerful symbol of their change in status would be to 'own' their own name.
  • Punishment for transgressions - the mules do not yet understand more common ideas of right and wrong.. but the new society must be seen to be fair.
  • Freedom for all? - Mules are well suited to being slaves, indeed it's safer for everyone that way, there must be some who would keep them there, and they might not object.

Paahana Hokulele

Player: Glyptodont

Refresh Rate: 5

Default Aspects

  • Name: Paahana Hokulele "Paahana" is the name of his people--more on its meaning below. "Hokulele" means "shooting star" or "meteor" in the Paahana's ancient language. He goes by "Hokulele" or just "Hoku".
  • My Culture: Aquatic sorcerer/laborers
  • Purpose-Bred: Adapted for the ocean and water (More below)
  • Something I love/hate: I hate those who would be timid and keep us in slavery, and fear those that would turn us into new tyrants.

Other Aspects

Sorcerer (automatic Aspect)


  • Occult Initiate
  • Water Sorcery: +2 on Sorcery skill when dealing with water (Specialization)
  • The Life Aquatic: Able to use skills and move underwater (and survive without breathing for up to an hour) without penalty (Benefit)
  • Fighting Through the Pain: Swap Endurance for Might in hand-to-hand combat (Skill Switch)


  • +4 Endurance
  • +3 Athletics, Leadership
  • +2 Engineering, Resolve, Survival
  • +1 Stealth, Sorcery, Empathy, Investigation


(start with an Abysmal-quality Workplace appropriate to their profession/role within or near the Keep.)

Background Info

Character and culture background

Relationship with Maas

Jinna Redhands

Player: Efindel

Refresh Rate: 3

Default Aspects

  • (Name) Redhands for my skill in surgery
  • (Culture) All Things We Share
  • (Purpose-Bred) Motherly Instincts
  • (Something I Love) My Mother's Sacred Stone

Other Aspects

  • Sorcerer


  • +4 Empathy
  • +3 Rapport, Lore
  • +2 Sorcery, Survival, Connections
  • +1 Leadership, Alertness, Engineering, Knowledge


  • Occult Initiate: can use Sorcery
  • Healer: +1 to Lore checks to heal injuries
  • Headquarters: Secondary Facility (Arcane Workshop)
  • Battle Surgeon: as "Medic"
  • Sensitive: as "Psychic"
  • Exorcist: +1 to Sorcery for exorcising spirits or keeping them out


  • Infirmary (-3)
  • Sacred Stone (from "My Mother's Sacred Stone" aspect)


Even as uncaring as the Takers were, they recognized that, in some cases, healthy workers were more efficient workers. Thus, while they did not assist the Taken in caring for themselves, they did not prevent it either.

Jinna Redhands is a healer, doing her best to take care of the other Taken with her knowledge of herbs, bandaging, splints, suturing, and so forth. She has studied Sorcery as well, concentrating in exorcisms, protective charms, and the like. In the Wastelands, her knowledge was tested to its limits, and she had to learn new things as well, about where to find water and good food, about persuading people to help the sick and injured to continue the journey, and getting the Exiles to work together.

Having learned her skills from her mother as she grew up, Jinna is young for her position, but she is well-trusted among the Exiles.

Major Personalities

The Exiles

The Exiles are a fractious band cobbled together from different tribes and racial groups. As a culture, they possess the following Aspects:

  • Children of the Revolution: newly fired with revolutionary fervour, even the meekest Exile is well aware that he is part of a movement that has never been seen in history - a community that has defied and escaped the clutches of the Takers. This makes him more inclined to act rather than submit when confronted with opposition, especially in the form of oppression.
  • A House Divided: most among the Exiles still keep to their original social cliques, whether restricted by historical origin or status or wealth or former occupation; while internally these communities tend to be strong and resilient, inter-communal conflicts can turn ugly quickly.


The Vale

The Keep


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