Inborn abilities.

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Inborn abilities.

Chalkline: Adv [537] Disad [876] Excellent missileer: +10%/+1 dam All missile weapons. Poor alcohol/drug tolerance: -20% on resistance.

Stormraven: Adv [901] Disad [739] Hard to fool: +4 Pow vs Illusions, +20% vs sleight effects. Poor Judge of value: -20% evaluates.

Max Adv [413] Dis[061] Poor Ability in leadership -4 Cha when leading/commanding. Light footed +10% to move quietly, dodge, other skills involving tread.

MonsterMashAdv[152] Disad [771] Excellent vision: +20% to perception skills involving sight. Has a known enemy: -20% to reputation in some circles.