Invitation to a Coup

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Game: An Invitation to a Coup GM: @Seana M and @Louisa M

Cast: 4-6 Players System: ADRPG


Set during the Corwin books. The royal family have taken much of the army and left for parts unknown, leaving Gerard in charge. Unfortunately, he managed to get himself killed in a battle that wiped out the remaining invading forces as well. This left who was actually in charge hanging, as Amber is without precedent for what to do if there are no members of the royal family in residence. The seneschal of the castle started giving orders in the chaos and hasn't stopped since.

The problem?

It's been about a year and he's getting more comfortable in the role, which means that he's starting to put his people into positions of authority. Positions of authority that you currently occupy. Given that you all have grudges against him, it's fairly obvious that your time is running out and a hasty conference has been organised. An invitation to a coup, if you can manage to agree to terms that are acceptable to enough of you.


Character creation instructions will be sent out ahead of time. They'll be relatively simple and based around your character and what faction they'll represent. We'd appreciate it if you get back to us relatively quickly so we'll have time to come up with the exact situation before the con and get back to you about the precise nature of your faction's goals. Please contact us via the email or discord.

When: Evening UK Slot (for Early US Participation) Points-wise, your characters are 60 points from a base of Chaos. Obviously no pattern, but trump, sorcery, conjuration and power words are all fine.

Faction Creation:

Decide what your faction is and how you managed to win its loyalty, or at least as much of it as you have. You have 4 points to define what your faction can do. Each of these can either be assigned to a particular function, for example army, navy, wealth, spies - or to loyalty. You can come up with ideas about priorities, but the GMs are likely to adjust them to make the game more interesting.

Loyalty 0 - you have a broad and varied power base to draw from, with equally broad and varied priorities, and many people who owe you little or no personal loyalty. This is likely to be a bear to keep together at the negotiating table, though odds are you’ll be able to salvage a part of it unless you betray the core principles. You’re likely to have 4 priorities to try and balance.

Loyalty 1 - You either have a subset who are personally loyal to you, or everyone has at least a lukewarm loyalty to you. Either way, you have two to three heads of various subfactions who have their own priorities, which you have to balance. You’re likely to have 3 priorities to balance

Loyalty 2 - Everyone in this faction is loyal to you, but the faction still has at least one priority that could utterly split it - like if you made peace with the child of the person who you’ve been blaming for the last six months to unite them without significant concessions. You’re likely to have one other priority of lesser importance.

Loyalty 3 (maximum) - Everyone in this faction is utterly loyal to you personally, but there is still a priority that could grievously affect morale if not satisfied, for instance there's a current law that's affecting them. We also need the reason there is bad blood between you and the seneschal. why you're willing to risk civil war and/or execution to get him off the regency. Did he get one of your children killed? Is he an Amber supremacist and you represent Rebma? This, together with the factions you choose, are going to shape both the seneschal and the situation within the game, which is why we need character ideas preferably as soon as possible.

It's worth noting that this bad blood means that if any of you go to the seneschal, it's very likely he'll bypass you to deal with your faction or otherwise do you dirty. From an out of character perspective, we're hoping to reduce the temptation to throw around the 'give me what I want or I go to the seneschal' ultimatum unless the other PCs really screw over your faction.

Dame Margot-Coup[edit]