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You may take Perks by taking an equal value of Flaws. You may only have 12 points of Perks.


  • Armor (2-10): You have actual armor. Every rank of Armor gives you one point of Lethal Absorb and one point of Soak, up to 5 points.
  • Claws (1-8): You have dangerous Claws -- or a bite or a goring horn, if you like. These do from Strength+d4 (1 point) to Strength+d12 (5 points) damage. Add 3 to the cost if they can do Lethal damage.
  • Extra Arms (1-3): You're all hands. You have four arms (1 point), six arms (2 points), or eight arms (3 points); this adds d4, d6, or d8 (respectively) to your grappling rolls, as well as being handy in other situations.
  • Fast Healing (2-6): You heal very fast. Add +1 to your healing rate per time taken, up to 3 times.
  • High Pain Threshold (2): Although you get shot and you bleed just like the next guy, it doesn't have quite as many side effects. You may add an extra Race die to KO tests, and when you are Hurting when your Wounds exceed your Health + Race/2, not just Health. (No matter what, you are always Hurting when you have one wound left.)
  • Howl (1): You have a loud howl or roar that can be heard for miles on clear nights. In addition to its obvious uses, you may add a d4 to Intimidation rolls if you can time it right.
  • Hybrid (5): You are a mix of two species. You have a second Race die of d4 to apply to a second species. You cannot take Hybrid more than once -- the ability to create mixbreeds was designed in with human (and furry) nature being what it is, but the genetics won't work three or more ways (a hybrid and a normal, or two hybrids); the child, if it conceives at all, would not survive to the third trimester.
  • Lightning Reflexes (1-5): You are dangerously fast! Add d4 (1 point) to d12 (5 points) to your roll when you roll Initiative.
  • Lucky (1-5): You're one lucky son-of-a-gun. This translates as extra Save Your Ass dice. Add one extra d4 SYA die for one point; one extra d4 and one extra d6 SYA die for two points; up to one extra of each type of SYA dice, d4 through d12, for 5 points.
  • Prehensile Tail (2): Most tails, with a bit of practice, can be made to press switches, perform signals, aid balance, loosely grasp objects, and so on. Your tail is actually made for this sort of thing, and can grip with the full strength of a hand. This adds one d4 when you attempt to grapple, but unlike Extra Arms, doesn't have the obviousness or the hindrances.
  • Radiation Resistance (2-6): You get an extra d4 (2 points) to d12 (6 points) to rolls to resist radiation.
  • Regeneration (2): You can heal lost body parts. Lost digits, ears, or tails heal in (16-roll of a Health die) days; lost limbs or eyes in (16-roll of a Health die) weeks. You must not have a Health of d4.
  • Quick (1-5): You can get there double-quick. Each time taken adds 2m to your movement rate (up to 10m).
  • Sonar (2): You can 'see' in the dark.
  • Spray (4): You can spray a noxious musk. Treat it like any stun attack, except the roll to hit is Intelligence+Agility+Race, not Strength+Agilty+(Melee/Martial Arts). If hit, the target cannot act for (roll of Race+Strength dice) - Soak rounds; if a 'wound' is done, the target is also blinded for (roll of Race die) minutes. This attack can be used (Health die)/2 times per day.
  • Talented (1-8): You're just that smart! Every time taken (up to 8) adds 3 skill points.
  • Taur (2): You are a taur. You can carry or pull twice the normal weight for your Strength and Weightlifting, although your arms can only carry. If you attack in melee combat, any kick adds twice your Strength die. You are at -1 to defend against attacks -- sorry, but even with the enhanced agility that an extra pair of legs provide, you're still a huge target.
  • Wings (3): You can fly! Although this provides problems with bulky wings, you may fly at up to (Strength + Health/2) meters every round. May not have a Strength or Health of d4.


  • Anosmia (2): You cannot smell or taste.
  • Atavism (1): You will sometimes lose control of yourself. When you might lose control (GM's call), roll (Charm + Willpower) versus (Race + Feral); if your race wins, your animal side takes over. Opinions are retained -- someone you love is still someone you love as an animal, someone you hate is still someone you hate, someone you avoid is still someone you avoid -- but your instincts take over; a cat might become very physically affectionate with someone they care for, but hiss and try to fight off anyone they dislike.
  • Blind (8): You can't see. Period. You can interact with some difficulty, read things printed in braille, and fight in melee (at -4 to hit and defend), but most of the things of the modern world -- art, most literature, ranged combat -- are unavailable to you.
  • Can't Speak (3): You are unable to speak. You might be able to make some kind of sound -- howls, purrs, yips, or growls -- but you can't talk.
  • Deaf (4): You can't hear at all. This has obvious problems, but in combat terms, you are at -4 to detect Stealth and -4 to dodge missile attacks.
  • Distinctive Features (1 or 2): You look odd. For 1 point, these are subtle -- one blue eye and one green eye, a scar, a pentagram in your palms, and so on. For 2 points, these are glaring -- blue fur, nine tails, two heads, or so on. If you have more than one Distinctive Feature, you only get points for the most noticible.
  • Illiterate (1): You cannot read or write. Not particularly damning in this day and age.
  • Low Healing Rate (1 to 4): You don't heal as fast as the next guy. Each time taken (up to 4 times) lowers your healing rate by 1. (You CAN take your healing rate down to 0; this represents being unable to heal without medical assistance.)
  • No Facial Expressions (2): You don't have the nuances of human social expression. A quirked eyebrow, a smile, a frown, tears at the eyes, furrowed brows; all things that show subtle indications of the human state of mind... and all things that are lost on you. Until people get used to this, or unless you are with others with this disadvantage, you are at -4 to social interactions.
  • Non-Anthropomorphic (4): You don't have a humanoid form. You might be able to talk or read, but you have no real hands, no thumbs, and no bipedal form. Armor, if available, costs more; doctors are at -2 to heal you due to different anatomy and biochemistry; you can't eat at tables or with utensils; and so on. You do get +1 to Movement, however. Many of the problems of this flaw are social in nature! (For raccoons and others that have full hands even though not anthro, this flaw is only worth 2.)
  • Poor Scent (1): Although you can smell strong scents -- gas, pizza, and the like -- you cannot smell many other scents -- you can't sense emotions, track people by their scents, and so on.
  • Uneducated (1 to 5): You aren't as skilled as the next fur. Each time taken reduces your skill points by 4, up to 20 points behind as a 5 point flaw.