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Name: Jacqueline Adams Look: Stunning Eyes: Captivating Hands: Manicured Origin: Most popular kid in school

Hot 1 Cold 1 Volatile 0 Dark -1

The clique: Talented The Shield: (Moves against her with her clique around suffer -1, NPCs act at disadvantage)

Named NPCs in clique: (One string on each) Mary: Valedictorian. Also good with computers and known to hack the network. String because Jacqui knows she's the hacker and Jacqui knows she knows. Peter: Salutorian at St Patrick's. Specialises in history and local history in particular. A mine of useless information and a tendency to drone on - and most people will tell him to shut up; few will actually find the useful information there. Henry: Only just scrapes into any AP classes (and only AP art and AP shop at that), but still a favourite of hers. Runs the sound and lighting for school plays and is an amateur conjurer on the side. Managed to get her to be his assistant (and cut her in half) - and wants more from her.

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