K-4T4 the Droid Operative

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Name: K-4T4 aka “Teethree” - KX-series Imperial security droid

Look: ambiguous, hard features, no clothing

Demeanour: professional detachment


Canny 0

Cool 2

Deep -1

Rugged 2

Suave -1


See All The Angles: When you case a joint and Check Out The Scene or Trust Your Feelings, roll with Cool instead of Canny/Deep.

Infiltration Specialist: When you infiltrate a place of power, roll with Cool. On a 10+, choose 2: On a 7-9, choose 1: You discover an important secret or item. You arrive in a superior position. You leave no trace of your entry. - On a miss, you are caught off-guard, pinned down or surrounded, MC’s choice. [I see this as representing K-4’s hacking/slicing ability]


Blaster pistol, high-powered, silenced, hidden (3-harm, close, energy, infinite)

Handle, hidden, head (2-harm, hand, infinite) [this is just him smacking things/people]



"Sage Krolo is my master, and I see her as not really understanding what she’s gotten herself into."

"I've known Captain Juvenius longer than anyone expects. Odd - some of those files seem to have been deleted from Imperial records...”

"I don't think Asehla Larnesh can be trusted. I’d show you the file but you don’t have clearance.”

Mark Experience:

-When you find a loophole to act as you please despite orders.

-When you follow orders despite grave personal peril.

-When you achieve a goal while pursuing your primary function.

Drama Moves:

When you die, tell one world-shattering secret to another player’s character. That player gains 1-juggling, the Moonlighting move and the obligation gig “Protect the secret (no one learns about it / someone dangerous learns about it)”.

When you open up to someone, you can request some favour from them as though you had rolled 10+ on Apply Leverage, requiring no real leverage.

6) And now some GM questions.

--Who was responsible for modifying you from a standard KX model and giving you so much additional capacity and initiative? Possibilities include not knowing, a reclusive droid designer who used to work for the Separatists back during the Clone Wars, Galen Erso (the genius engineer dude), Darth Vader himself, someone else…

I’m thinking K-4 has been around a while and been modified multiple times. Captain Juvenius has probably been involved in some of that. At one point, K-4 served at Galen Erso’s research facility on Coruscant. Galen or Lyra saw something he/she liked in K-4 (who had some modification or missed wipe before that) and since Galen was generally given anything he wanted, he was given wide discretion regarding K-4’s assignments and duties. He was probably used for things Krennic and/or the Empire would not approve of. I think he’s been batted around from assignment to assignment, and sort of resents it. I think he has managed to avoid a wipe or two on his own at this point.

--What is your primary function? Teaching Sage, or guarding her, or something else?

Aide to and extra muscle for Sage, but also to keep tabs on her and report back. Sith don’t trust each other much, so I imagine Vader is behind that. Since Vader has built and palled around with droids in his day, he is aware of the lack of memory wipes, and saw K-4 as a valuable asset because of it.

--Who do you consider your rightful owner, if anyone?

At this point, no one, but he let’s people think they do.  ;)

--Who is able to give you orders according to your programming? This is probably going to be a human but maybe not!

Right now: Vader, Sage, Juvenius, in that order.

--How do you get along with the droids on the Dauntless and the other ships in the game? There's going to certainly be an astromech of great antiquity, and maybe a medical droid.

He admires dedication and skill, and there’s probably one or two he clicks with, but their lack of flexibility is annoying - and occasionally useful.