Kayda The Hunting Princess

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Name: Kayda, the Hunting Princess Words: Beasts, Bow, Might

Description: A slender woman in her twenties, with bright red hair and a pretty smile, dressed in simple leathers and hides. Piercing green eyes seem to see everything. She carries a bow and a simple sword.

Goal: Saving those forced into marriage against their will.

Background: (Kayda's facts are in italics.)

Kayda grew up a hunter in the endless forests of the North. Beautiful but unskilled with people she drew the attention of the Nameless Lord, and was chosen to be his bride.

Rather than submit to marriage to a stranger, she fled into the woods and survived by her wits. Hunting and banditry fed her, but she took care only to steal from those who serve the unjust order.

Joining the Bear Hunter's Lodge, a loose band of outlaws, she swore to save others trapped by fate and unfair tradition.

Crowned by the Princess Merida, she now has the power to act on that oath.

Level 1 Experience 0

Hit Points 10 Current Hit Points: 10

Base Attack: +1

Effort Influence Dominion Wealth
Base 2 2 0 0
Current 2 2 0 0


Attribute Score Bonus Check
Strength 19 +4 2
Dexterity 18 +3 3
Constitution 16 +2 5
Wisdom 14 +1 7
Intelligence 13 +1 8
Charisma 13 +1 8
Saving Throws Base Armour? Final
Hardiness 11 no 11
Evasion 12 no 12
Spirit 14 no 14


Armour: Leather armour and fur cloak (Base AC 7) - Total AC: 4

Weapon Type Attack Bonus Damage
A simple sword Melee +5 1d10+4
A Hunter's Bow Magic, ranged +4 1d10+3
Brawling Unarmed +5 1d2+4
Brawling, both hands Unarmed +5 1d12+4


  • Beasts
  • Bow
  • Might


  • Excellence of the Bow (General, Minor)
  • Scent of the Prey (Beasts, Minor)
  • Eyes of the Cat (Beasts, Minor)
  • Omnipresent Reach (Bow, Minor)
  • Fists of Black Iron (Might, Minor)
  • Falling Meteor Strike (Might, Minor)