Kean the Armadillo

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Kean the Armadillo[edit]

Kean is a complicated construct largely of its own doing. Originally intended as a guard for a child the dufiro had its own issues. It had friends with issues as well


An Armadillo with Family Issues[edit]


A Mithril Armadillo created as a guard for Zeek, son of Hurt & Untara. Its original dufiro was Tradkis, a socially popular young Dufiro. Its parents are both powerful Masoja with plans for their offspring, originally. They did not believe in keeping him in lesser ranks after he manifested as a Flux Elemental. As a Spasa they used their connections to push him through Guard, Combat,& Change in a matter of months. He was greatly angered by this treatment. He was pushed into Avasa of Guard & Knowledge. At this time a lady of Amber & Azcalan contacted him to be a guardian of her nephew. To spite his parents he self bound for an unlimited term to guard Zeek, son of Untara & Jurt.

  • Tradkis: Air,Flux, Spasa of Guard,Combat,Change. AvasaCombatard, Knowledge,Rust
  • Guard Hierarchy-on bad terms but not ejected.


Padyik was created to be an Earth Elemental. To his parent's surprise he was a Flux.They pushed him quickly into Cleanliness and Blending. Life was offered by the Earth Hierarchy if he also took Earth. Soon he was offered Avasa of Conflict and he took it against his parent's wishes, destroying the life path they wanted for him. He secretly took Shifter and joined Tradkis self-binding to Kean.

Despite his binding choice and the later imposition of Rage he has remained in the Earth Hierarchy

  • Padyik: Flux,Spasa of Cleanliness, Blending,Earth Life. Avasa of Conflict, Shifter, Rage.':
  • Earth Hierarchy, Shifter Hierarchy


Created an Earth Elemental, she was unhappy with the parents and their coddling friends. They pushed her to Earth Spasa and immediately into Masoja of Earth. Friends with Tradkis.

Her parents pushed her into Guard which point she rebelled and through contacts joined the Masoja of Combat before self binding to Kean.

An instigator of the Kean troubles that led to her being forced to take Rust.

  • Moi: Earth,Spasa of Earth,Avasa of Earth, Masoja of Earth,Guard,Combat,Rust.
  • Earth Hierarchy-nearly ejected


Created a Fire, he was offered Movement by family friends. He was never close to his family but took their support for Spasa of Fire. After a few services as an Avasa of Fire he was offered Combat or Guard. He took Combat and served in the Black Road war bound to a broad sword belonging to a lord of House Jesby. During the war he gained Guard.

Before the war ended he advanced to Avasa of Fire. After the war he spent time in the Motion Hierarchy and eventually joined Speed. After meeting Tradkis he became depressed at his life choices and was considering Purging. Tradkis talked him out of it and got him into Whimsy. He joined Tradkis in Self-Binding.

He was one of the combatants that lead to being forced to take Rust.

Yoysa is considerably older the rest of 'Tradkis's crew.

*Yoysa: Fire, Movement. Spasa of Fire,Combat,Guard. Avasa of Fire, Speed, Whimsy, Rust

  • Fire Hierarchy, Combat Hierarchy-Holder of a Black Road Sword, Whimsy Court(Hierarchy)


Created an Earth, she avoided the Earth Hierarchy.

She was offered Spasa of Guard and accepted eagerly. After good service the quiet Trida advanced to Avasa of Guard.

While an Academia Guard she spent a great deal of time reading and attending classes. She holds several Documents of Advancement, essential Bachelor's Degrees, she can not use.

Her connection to Tradkis and his crew was a quiet one and she was not implicated in the troubles. She joined Truth, and joined their Hierarchy. She self-Bound after the troubles.

*Trida:Earth, Spasa of Guard. Avasa of Guard,Truth.

  • Truth Hierarchy.


Created an Air Elemental she quickly moved up to Spasa of Air and became extremely active in the Air Hierarchy.

She became friends with Tradkis and was almost always around him when not bound.

She joined Blending and worked as a gardener and a alcohol agent.

Joining Defense was a fluke but once offered she accepted. Motion and Song were equally unlikely but not as surprising to dufiro who knew her. She became active in the Defense, Motion & Song Hierarchies.

The Air Hierarchy saw her as a rising star so they offered Avasa of Air and she gratefully accepted. Soon after the Blending Hierarchy offered Blending.

She became a nurse of sorts in a Displacement Clinic. In time she was offer Health. Her service got her Life as well.

She was involved in a terrible Displacement Crisis that involved Tanusa Shawa Sandsia, an I'm portent Masoja. Her direct efforts saved his life. The Air Hierarchy created her an Air Masoja. At the ceremony Tanusa Shawa Sandsia created her an Al Asgo Illuminar.

Her self-binding during the beginning of the Kean issue was a deeply problematic for the hierarchies involved due to her status as an illuminar. In the end the combatants accepted punishment details as Rust or Rage.

*Omach:Air, Spasa of Air, Blending,Defense, Motion, Song. Avasa of Air,Blending, Health,Life. Masoja of Air. Al Asgo Illuminar.

*Air Hierarchy, Blenders Barrel(Hierarchy), Life Hierarchy. Party for Peace.

Assembled Races[edit]

Elemental:Air(2),Flux(2),Earth(2),Fire, Movement

Spasa:Guard(3), Combat(2),Change,Cleanliness, Blending(2), Air, Earth(2), Life, Fire, Defense, Motion, Song

Avasa:Guard(2), Knowledge, Rust(2),Conflict, Shifter, Rage,Earth,Fire,Speed, Whimsy,Truth, Air, Blending, Health, Life

Masoja:Earth, Guard, Combat, Rust, Air

Illuminar: Al Asgo Illuminar

Kean the Amarillo Abilities 46[edit]


These powers manifested as the dufiro self-bound. The dufiro may act as well if they see the need beyond their contributions.

  • 2 Double Vitality: Spasa Life, Avasa Life,
  • 2 Double Speed: Movement Elemental, Motion Spasa,
  • 4 Amber Stamina: Earth Elemental(2), Earth Spasa(2), Earth Avasa, Earth Masoja
  • 4 Combat Mastery: Spasa Combat(2),Avasa Conflict, Masoja Combat
  • 2 Vs Gun: Spasa Guard (3), Defense, Avasa Guard (2), Masoja Guard
  • 4 Deadly Damages: Earth Elemental (2), Spasa Earth(2), Avasa Earth, Conflict,
  • 2 Speak & Sing: Air Elemental, Spasa Song, Avasa Knowledge, Truth, Whimsy.Masoja Air
  • 8 Sense Danger-Advanced Danger sense: Flux Elemental(2), Spasa Change, Guard(3), Life. Avasa Life.
  • 4 Psyche Barrier: Spasa Guard(3), Defense. Avasa Life,
  • 2 Follow Shadow Path: Flux Elemental (2), Avasa Knowledge, Al Asgo Illuminar.
  • 2 Mold Shadow Creatures: Flux Elemental (2), Avasa Knowledge, Al Asgo Illuminar.
  • 2 Rapid Heal: Spasa Blending(2), Avasa Shifter, Health, Life, Blending
  • 2 N/N: Mithril Armadillo, Mithril Hawk, Articulated Snake, Metal Ball, Flat Plate, Spinning Blades, Mallet,: Spasa Change, Avasa Shifter, Whimsy.
  • 2 N/N: Power Words:10: Spasa Song. Avasa Rage. Al Asgo Illuminar.
  • 1 Ability: Call to Hand/ Return: Movement Elemental. Spasa Motion.Avasa Speed.
  • 1 Ability: Cleanse. 5 Transfer-Cleanse Others: Flux Elemental (2), Spasa Cleanliness.Avasa Health.
  • 1 Ability: Create unbelievable loud shrill shrieking alarm: Spasa Song. Avasa Whimsy
  • 1 Ability: Blink 30': Movement Elemental. Spasa Motion

Total: 46

Originally a simple Mithril toy Armadillo to house Avasa of Guard.

The Kean Issue[edit]

Yep. Some hierarchies were pissed