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Chief Sorcerer of the Callow Hands
==Callow Hands==
A legion of magical warriors.
*An ancient warrior of a warrior house.  He trained generations of sorcerers of Hendrake in a realm with magical warfare in the  shifting stuff of chaos.
*Paraount Shapeshifter.  Instructor of the young in the intricacies of the art. Helps them develop their Human, Animal and Chaosian forms. 
*Master of the Logrus and onetime student and apprentice of Suhey.
*Foremost Construction Sorcerer overseeing the construction of magical artifacts of all natures for house rulers and troops. 
*Led the Callow Hands in the Black road War and fought at Patternfall.  Defeated in a sorcerous battle with Prince Finndo of Amber in a remote section of the battle.
*After Patternfall was one of the main advocates for peaceful relations with Amber.
*Originally Led the [[Amber Cult]] of Finndo and was a main attendee in the Amber cult activities before they were proscribed.  His public admission that he maintains a admiration and membership in the Amber Cults is a point of contention between Hendrake and Theldane.
*Master of the Logrus
*Abyssal Acolyte
*Inner Council Member of House Hendrake
*Baron of Hendrake.

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