Knick-Knack - Production Assistant(SHK)

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Knick - Knack is from the Huushan Alliance, a set of worlds in the Denebus Cluster. Extensive scientific experimentation throughout their history has brought them to a near singularity state, with the members of the Alliance maintaining individual identities only when among outsiders. Their original races long a bottom rung on their evolutionary ladder, their current state allows for them to split at a cellular level into numerous duplicates.

Knick - Knack currently works by choice as a Production Assistant for The Network, his curiosity bringing him to Earth. He's done research on Earth and does much of the legwork setting up situations within the episodes. Normally, this would not be the work of just one being... but Knick-Knack can be many beings at once so he'll do just fine.

His natural form is a squat bipedal grey creature with shiny skin and wide eyes set very far apart and no hair. He is very perceptive, strong and agile, with a tendency to taste things to find out more about them. He tries to limit this when dealing with people, but his curiosity does get the better of him at times. He's taken a liking to His perception filter ends up showing him as a Hispanic male in his twenties with Acromicric Dysplasia.