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Art Summa

The Construction of Magic
by Magus Caminus ex Verditius, Rhine Tribunal, c.1175 A.D.
(Creo L15/Q15)

Behind the Veil
by Archmagus Melius ex Bonisagus, Rhine Tribunal, c.1083 A.D.
(Intellego L21/Q18)
Essential Recombinations
by Magus Ysolde ex Bonisagus, Rhine Tribunal, c.1055 A.D.
(Muto L15/Q12)

Trials of Flesh
by Maga Diessa ex Flambeau, Iberian Tribunal, c.1144 A.D.
(Perdo L15/Q14)

by Magus Ignatius ex Tremere, Transylvania Tribunal, c.902 A.D.
(Rego L20/Q20)

The Noble Beast
by Magus Heward ex Bjornaer, Rhine Tribunal, c.1099 A.D.
(Animal L14/Q13)

Flood Control
by Magus Umethius ex Verditius, Thebes Tribunal, c.1147 A.D.
(Animal L12/Q14)

The Vault of Heaven
by Maga Cinthea ex Jerbiton, Rome Tribunal, c.1202 A.D.
(Auram Q15/L14)

The Essence of Humors
by Maga Lucita ex Bjornaer, Provencal Tribunal, c.1123 A.D.
(Corpus L15/Q15)

Whispers of Leaves
by Magus Kerkithian ex Tremere, Transylvania Tribunal, c.947 A.D.
(Animal L15/Q13)

The Essence of Fire
by Archmagus Alberin ex Miscellanea, Stonehenge Tribunal, c.1220 A.D.
(Ignem L30/Q20)

Teachings among the Merinita
by Maga Beatrice ex Bonisagus, Rhine Tribunal, c.1203 A.D.
(Imaginem L15/Q12)
The World in the Eye
by Magus Alissius ex Jerbiton, Theban Tribunal, c.998 A.D.
(Imaginem L14/Q20)

Spiritual Phenomena
by Maga Selena ex Guernicus, Levant Tribunal, c.1198 A.D.
(Mentem L15/Q15)

by Maga Gencillius ex Verditius, Rome Tribunal, c.1101 A.D.
(Terram L18/Q12)
Marble & Mason
by Magus Raetis ex Verditius, Normandy Tribunal, c.1108 A.D.
(Terram L14/Q16)

Patterns of the Arcane
by Archmagus Verralus ex Bonisagus, Rhine Tribunal, c.1091 A.D.
(Vim L18/Q15)

Ability Summa

The Holy Land
by Moluf Kharan al Talim
(Area Lore: Levant L5/Q10, written in Arabic)
Legacy of the Emperors
(Area Lore: China L6/Q12, written in Mandarin)
The Chronographica
by Michael Psellus, Byzantine Empire, c.1074 A.D.
(Artes Liberales L5/Q12)
(translated text)
Rhetorica ad Herennium
by Unknown, c.100 B.C.
(Art of Memory L4/Q10)
by Euclid, c.300 B.C.
(Artes Liberales L8/Q15, written in Arabic)
(translated text)
Prediction Through Perception
(Awareness L4/Q21)
The Periphery of Magical Law'
(Code of Hermes L4/Q11)
by Ktesibios of Alexandria, c.247 B.C.
(Craft: Mechanical L6/Q11)
Earth, Fire, and Hand
(Craft: Pottery L7/Q13)
by Archmaga Penelope ex Merenita, Thebes Tribunal, c.1199 A.D.
(Finesse L4/Q12)
The Final Destination
by Magus Goethe ex Criamon, Greater Alps Tribunal, c.1106 A.D.
(Finesse L4/Q12)
Implementing the Primal Form
(Finesse L3/Q12)
The Five Stances
(Great Weapon L4/Q18)
The Persian Tongue
by Father Arthur of England
(Language: Arabic L3/Q15)
Pater Familias
by Tremere the Founder, Durenmar, c.814 A.D.
(Leadership L4/Q14)
The Magic Path
by Magus Havathien ex Jerbiton, Rome Tribunal, c.1062 A.D.
(Magic Lore L3/Q14)
The Roads of Magic
by Magus Havathien ex Jerbiton, Rome Tribunal, c.1097 A.D.
(Magic Lore L6/Q12)
Principia Magica
by Bonisagus, the Founder, c.699 A.D.
(Magic Theory L9/Q15)
Proper Living
by Falud Mohammed Kisad
(Medicine L4/Q12, written in Arabic)
Bonisagus' Gift
(Parma Magica L4/Q15)
To Slay the Fool
by Magus Jerrard ex Tytalus, Rhine Tribunal, c.977 A.D.
(Penetration L4/Q15)
Ta Ethika
by Aristotle, Rhine Tribunal
(Philosophia L5/Q12)
by Maga Niene ex Merinita, Rhine Tribunal, c.1077 A.D.
(Second Sight L4/Q12)
by the Prophet Muhammad, c.650 A.D.
(Theology L20/Q5, written in Arabic)
Dogma & Fraud
by Magus Rikard ex Guernicus, Rome Tribunal, c.1001 A.D.
(Theology L4/Q12)


Art Tractatus


An Analysis of Patterns in Crystal
by Magus Jhonagis ex Guernicus, Rome Tribunal, c.1017 A.D.
(Intellego Q10)

On Form and Function, Vol 1
by Magus Yanosh ex Bjornaer, Rhine Tribunal, c.1008 A.D.
(Muto Q12)
On Form and Function, Vol 2
by Magus Yanosh ex Bjornaer, Rhine Tribunal, c.1008 A.D.
(Muto Q12)







The Old Oak, Part 1
by Magus Graeles ex Miscellanea, Normandy Tribunal, c.1201 A.D.
(Herbam Q11)
The Old Oak, Part 2
by Magus Graeles ex Miscellanea, Normandy Tribunal, c.1201 A.D.
(Herbam Q11)


The Light in her Eyes
by Lysandros, Thebes Tribunal, c.1220 A.D.
(Imaginem Q14)
>>(Imaginem Q9, Q10, Q10, Q11, Q11, Q11, Q12)

>>(Mentem Q10, Q11, Q12)

A Study of Metamorphic Formations in Caves
by Magus Anhavis ex Bonisagus, Novgarod Tribunal, c.1052 A.D.
(Terram Q10)

Patterns in Regiones, Vol. 2
by Magus Uleius ex Bjornaer, Tribunal of the Greater Alps, c.1148 A.D.
(Vim Q9)
Patterns in Regiones, Vol. 3
by Magus Uleius ex Bjornaer, Tribunal of the Greater Alps, c.1149 A.D.
(Vim Q9)

Ability Tractatus

A Map of the Rhine
Edward ex Mercere, Normandy Tribunal, 1182 A.D.
(Area Lore: Rhine, Q8)
A Map of Rome
Edward ex Mercere, Normandy Tribunal, 1183 A.D.
(Area Lore: Rome, Q8)
A Map of Novgorod
Edward ex Mercere, Normandy Tribunal, 1185 A.D.
(Area Lore: Novgorod, Q8)
by Virgil, 20 B.C.
(Artes Liberales, Q10)
Dream Palaces
Maga Cirea ex Jerbiton, Roman Tribunal, 1085 A.D.
(Art of Memory, Q9)
Painting the Mind
Maga Cirea ex Jerbiton, Roman Tribunal, 1092 A.D.
(Art of Memory, Q10)
Variations on Loci, Vol 1
Magus Jensis ex Bonisagus, Normandy Tribunal, 1183 A.D.
(Art of Memory, Q11)
Variations on Loci, Vol 2
Magus Jensis ex Bonisagus, Normandy Tribunal, 1183 A.D.
(Art of Memory, Q11)
by Homer, 800 B.C.
(Faerie Lore, Q10)
by Homer, 800 B.C.
(Faerie Lore, Q10)
The Hidden Danger
by Magus Kail ex Tytalus, Tribunal of Loch Leglan, c.998 A.D.
(Infernal Lore, Q9)
People of the Sand, Vol 1
by John the Wanderer, c.1158 A.D.
(Language: Arabic, Q10)
Songs of the Desert
(Language: Arabic, Q9, in Greek)
Persian Courtesy, Vol 1
(Language: Arabic, Q10, in Greek)
Persian Courtesy, Vol 2
(Language: Arabic, Q10, in Greek)
Lingua Deus
(Language: Arabic, Q12, in Greek)
Integrating Apprentices
by Magus Kandius ex Bonisagus, Rhine Tribunal, c.1127 A.D.
(Leadership, Q12)
by Unknown, 700-1000 A.D.
(Magic Lore, Q10)
Samothrace, Cult of the Old Gods
by Penilos of Athens, 1131 A.D.
(Magic Lore, Q11)
>>On the Applications of Vis
by Archmagus Jarl ex Mercere, Rhine Tribunal, 1233 A.D.
(Magic Theory, Q12, contains integrated Boost Magic virtue)
>>(Magic Lore x7, Q10, in Arabic)
(New Bonuses: Book +5 Teach, Glass +5 Auram, Iron +4 Protection, Horse Leather +3 Travel,
Salt +8 Warding, Candle +6 Mentem, Carpet +5 Flight)
>>(Magic Lore x2, Q10, in Arabic)
(New Bonuses: Conch +5 Sounds, Tigerseye +2 Ignem & +2 Terram)
Patterned Fluctuations in Magical Resistance
by Magus Rathenius ex Bonisagus, Thebes Tribunal, 1070 A.D.
(Parma Magica, Q10)
Methods of Parma, Vol 2
Magus Guiard ex Bonisagus, 1078 A.D.
(Parma Magica, Q10)
Methods of Parma, Vol 3
Magus Guiard ex Bonisagus, 1078 A.D.
(Parma Magica, Q10)
Overwhelming Vitae
Maga Julietta ex Criamon, Roman Tribunal, 1148 A.D.
(Penetration, Q8)
Chimera, A Study
Magus Ulissius ex Bonisagus, Theban Tribunal, 1011 A.D.
(Penetration, Q13)
>>(Philosophia x4, Q13, in Arabic, by Plato)
Enlightenment, Vol 1-7
Archmagus Verallus ex Bonisagus, Normandy Tribunal, 1205 A.D.
(Teaching x7, Q15)

Lab Notes


Mu 15 - Doublet of Impenetrable Silk

In 5 - Touch of the Pearls
In 30 - Enchantment of the Scrying Pool (Im Req)

Cr 5 - Air's Ghostly Form
Cr 5 - Chamber of Spring Breezes
In 15 - Whispering Winds
Re 10 - Ward Against Rain

Cr 10 - Bind Wound
Cr 35 - Incantation of the Body Made Whole
Cr 50 - Gift of Nimbleness (Qui +3)
In 15 - Whispers through the Black Gate (Te)
Mu 5 - Eyes of the Cat
Mu 25 - Shape of the Woodland Prowler (An req.)
Pe 15 - Dust to Dust
Re 15 - Move the Dangling Puppet
Re 35 - Leap of Homecoming

In 10 - Intuition of the Forest
Cr 5 - Palm of Flame
Cr 20 - Pilum of Ghost Fire (MuMe req)
Mu 10 - Hornet Fire

In 5 - Prying Eyes
Mu 10 - Aura of Enobled Presence

Cr 10 - Words of Unbroken Silence
Cr 15 - Rising Ire (Cold Seething)
Cr 35 - Gift of Charm (Pre +0)
Cr 55 - Gift of Acuity (Per +4)
In 20 - Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie
In 30 - Peering into the Mortal Mind
Mu 30 - Mind of the Beast (An req)
Pe 15 - Curse of the Forked Tongue
Re 10 - Call to Slumber
Re 15 - Confusion of the Numbed Will
Re 20 - Coerce the Spirits of the Night
Re 30 - Visions of the Infernal Terrors
Re 40 - Enslave the Mortal Mind

Cr 35 - Conjuring the Mystic Tower
In 30 - Sense the Feet That Tread the Earth
Mu 10 - Supple Iron and Rigid Rope
Re 15 - Maintaining the Demanding Spell
Re 20 - Aegis of the Hearth


Re 40 - Flying Carpet
Re 40 - Tireless Servant Enchantment