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=== Fariya Mithra Camar ===
=== Fariya Mithra Camar ===
A half-elf fighter-mage-warrior from the distant land of Jhon
A half-elf fighter-mage-cleric from the distant land of Jhon
=== Violet ===
=== Violet ===

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Darithe Thorne

A woman running from her past and perhaps seeking redemption.

Fariya Mithra Camar

A half-elf fighter-mage-cleric from the distant land of Jhon


A noble born girl who rejected her gilded cage in favor of a membership in a warrior order rejected by the Church hierarchy.

Appearance: Violet is a youthful, blue-eyed blonde who has a compact build despite her exceptional strength.


Character Name Player Name Class Alignment AC Experience Levels Hit Dice Hit Points
Violet d'Amacio Potted Plant Champion Chaotic Good 3 2250 Champion 2 2D10 17
Age Height Weight Eye Colour Hair Colour
19 5'5" 135 lbs Blue Blonde
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
18/34 10 12 10 16 14
Saving Throws
Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic Rod, Staff or Wand Petrification or Plymorph Breath Weapon Spell
14 16 15 17 17
THAC0 19
Hit Probability +1
Damage Adjustment +3
Weight Allowed 135
Max Press 280
Open Doors 12
Bend Bars / Lift Gates 20%
Movement 12
System Shock 80%
Resurrection Survival 85%
Magical Defense Adjustment +2
# of Henchmen 6
Loyalty Base +1
Reaction Adjustment +2
Weapon proficiencies
Footman's mace
Long sword
Two-handed sword
Nonweapon proficiencies
Vox Mercanti
Unencumbered 0-135
Light 136-174
Moderate 175-213
Heavy 214-252
Severe 253-280
Clothing 5 lbs
Banded mail + medium shield 35 lbs
Spear 5 lbs
Footman's mace 10 lbs
Short bow 20 lbs
20 arrows 2 lbs
Backpack 2 lbs
Small pouch 0.5 lbs
pouch of hard-shelled nuts 0.5 lbs
Hooded lantern 2 lbs
lamp oil 1 lbs
Quiver 1 lbs
Soap 1 lbs
Whetstone 1 lbs
Wineskin 1 lbs
Blanket 3 lbs
Flint and Steel -
Keepsake locket with family crest -
Total 72 lbs

Gabriel Malavieille

A mysterious young mage from parts unknown.

Markel Bronik

A good but unrefined ranger from the Thornwood Forest.

[Markel Bronik]