Last Breath of Winter:House Rules

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  • You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3. (CB:74)

Virtue Channelling

  • You may channel a virtue as many times as you wish per story. (CB:102)


  • In addition to the languages given by the Linguistics skill, you may spend 3 xp (1 bonus point) each to learn an additional languages without increasing your skill. (CB:109)


  • Individual crafts are not treated as seperate skills. Instead, they are treated like Languages. The character gains 1 craft Field for each dot of the Craft ability they possess, and can buy extras at 3xp/1bp each, as per languages (see above). Some craft fields have prerequisites before they can be chosen. The available craft fields are:
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Earth
    • Air
    • Wood
    • Magitech (req. Occult 3, Lore 3, Craft Air, Craft Fire, and one other Craft field)
    • Genesis (req. Occult 3, Lore 3, Medicine 3)
    • Necrotech (req. Occult 3, Lore 3, Medicine 3)
    • Fate (req. Sidereal training)
    • Glamour (req. Raksha training)


  • The listed costs (10xp/5bp) on Art specialties for Occult applies to Mortals. Exalted can buy the Arts as specialties in the Occult skill, at the standard cost of Specialties (3xp/1bp). (CB:137)

Reflexive Charms

  • Reflexive charms do not prevent the use of other charms, nor are they prevented by other charms. They do not have to be combo'ed. This effectively expands the Terrestrial charm advantage to apply to all Essence users.


  • Spells cost 2 xp less than the listed values, so 8xp each, 6xp if you have Occult as a favored/caste Ability. Training time is unchanged. (CB:274)


  • If an artifact has an attuned Hearthstone set within it from a Manse with a rating at least as high as that of the artifact, then the attunement cost can be ignored. (CB:380)
  • Paired Short Daiklaves count as a single artifact for the purposes of charms that effect weapons. (CB:386)



  • Actions on the same tick are NOT simultaneous (CB:141). Instead, multiple participants on a tick act in descending order of their Join Battle totals (not total of rolled successes, but the total dice that they roll). If this total is a tie, then the actions are simultaneous.

Social Combat

  • Social Combat does not automatically use long-ticks (CB:169). Long-Ticks are for Mass combat situations, whether physical, social, or both. However, using social combat in a regular-tick timeframe narrows it down to single-targets, while on the long-scale, it can be used on groups.



  • (Ability) Essence Flow (CB:187)
Replace current effect with: Reduces the mote cost (minimum 0) of all associated excellencies by half the user's Permanent Essence rating (round up). This effect is compatible with Infinite (Ability) Mastery. Additionally, if the character is Essence 5+, activation of the associated Infinite (Ability) Mastery is changed to a Reflexive activation, rather than a Simple activation.


  • Resplendant Shadow Blade (A:129)
No more than half your available points (round up) can be applied to each of Accuracy or Defense.
  • Fluttering Moth Defense (A:131)
Also allows the stored Death-Deflecting Technique uses to be applied against unexpected attacks. Additionaly, allows for a free weapon-draw when triggered, thus allowing it to be used when a weapon is available, but not in-hand.


  • Spirit-Hardened Frame (A:147)
Instead allows the character to count their full soak as Hardness for one attack. Cost has been changed to 2 motes, is compatible with armor.


  • Untouchable Phantom Mien (A:168)
Also allows user to ignore Multiple Attacker rules in their entirety.