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The Ambitious Young Fixer

Basic Information

Street Name: Cage (as in, "He's a cagey one.")
Real Name: Dan "Micky" Mikio (Japanese father, Irish mother)

He has the focused eyes of a hustler, always looking for the next deal. He has an attractive face and a thin build. He always looks like he’s ready to hit the club in his stylish street gear.

Cage is clearly of mixed heritage, but so is almost everyone else these days. While prejudice and racism still exist, society has reached a point where it is more of a fringe belief.

Yay progress.

Unfortunately, the world will always find a way to segregate different groups of people. Wealth is still the great divide... and corporate allegiance is taken very seriously. We even have different groups of people that think cyberware is either the mark of the beast or the only way to be closer to god.

Crunchy Bits

Hustling: 2 Crew, Jobs: Surveillance (Intel), Brokering Deals (Cred). Roll Edge.

  • 10+ profit from both.
  • 7-9 one is a Disaster and you profit from the rest.
  • 6- Everthing's FUBAR. MC makes a move based on the Disaster for each Job.

I Know People: Once per mission, you may introduce a new Contact. Name the contact, say what they do, then roll Style. After you've rolled, describe you you contact them; the MC will ask some questions.

  • 10+ You've worked with the contact before, they have a talent. Write them down as a Contact.
  • 7-9 You've never met before, they're an unknown quantity.
  • 6- You know them alright, Tell the MC why they dislike you.

Backup: You have a group of "associates" who provide security This is a small biker gang of 5-10 Ex-Military thugs (2-harm +small +dsciplined +mobile +employees, 1-armor)

Style: +2 Edge: +1 Cool: +0 Mind: +1 Meat: +0 Synth: -1

1500:_XXXXXX_ 1800:________ 2100:________ 2200:___ 2300:___ 0000:___


  • Cyber-Eyes +light amplification +magnification +recording (Memory and Career)


  • Semi-auto pistol (2-harm close/near loud quick)
  • Armoured coat (1-armour)
  • +Encrypted communications gear

XP: 0

Cred: 5
Gear: 0
Intel: 0

+1 with Sleeper from the Graves Medical job.


  • Lower class, took to the streets out of necessity. Started with side hustles, got roped into a bigger organization.
  • Wasn’t moving up fast enough, so he eventually turned on his boss (Strobe). Strobe was weakened, but is still a player. Cage made plenty of contacts, and several people were glad to see Strobe knocked down a few pegs.
  • He convinced some enforcers to help him take down Strobe (which didn't quite work out) with the promise that he’d help them when they needed it. These became the Redline Ronin.
  • Raze is the leader of the Vietnamese Mafia (or whatever name is appropriate) that is trying to carve out of foothold in the Sprawl. They are extremely violent in their efforts, killing, disfiguring, pushing drugs, and trafficking in people... most of which has been racially targeting Chinese people. Suffice it to say, not a lot of Fixers would work with them. Cage knew associating with Raze was risky, but he didn’t have a lot of options when he first started out as a Fixer. Now he has to make sure his only steady stream of revenue doesn't poison the well with potential customers.
  • Strobe, a ruthless Australian Fixer. Cage’s old boss. He had a lot of people under his thumb, so plenty of people were glad to see him taken down a few pegs. Strobe may not have the resources or cred he once had, but he’s still a force on the streets… and he wants revenge on Cage.
  • Ember, Ex-Military and formerly one of Strobe’s enforcers. She still had a semblance of morals left after years of breaking legs for her boss. When Cage approached her about taking down Strobe she was all in. She made Cage promise that he’d use his new influence to help her and her friend set up as a gang in their own right. A promise she doesn’t see as completely fulfilled.


  • Illustrious: A rep is all you have in the streets... I gotta make sure they who I am and what I've done.
  • Network: Not a lot of people like that I work with Raze and the Vietnamese Mafia. Sometimes that bites me in the ass.<be>