Luna Salvia

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  • Background: The Wastelands, nomadic tribe of traders, skilled in botany and chemistry.
  • Profession: Salesman and trader.
  • Relationship: The Chemist Guild.
  • Patent: Developed a new plant-based drug that created an altered mental state that is suggestible and makes people likely to believe/trust/follow me.


My name is Luna Salvia.

I was born Maria... no, wait, that's a lie, or at least, not a verifiable truth. I have no idea what I was named by my parents, if indeed I was ever named. Tradition among the nomads is to not name newborns, with infant mortality what it is, but I'm not even sure my parents were nomads. It's possible they were residents of an oasis town, or even one of the groups fleeing the Brupek Empire. There have been many tales of both commoners and royalty who have fled into the Blasted Lands, so it's entirely possible I am of royal blood. It's nice to imagine, and I spent many a night dreaming about returning to a castle. What small child wouldn't? We will not discuss the time I made all the other kids call me Princess and do my bidding, I was punished soundly enough for that at the time. Apparently, even at the tender young age of 6 I was quite charismatic.

When I came of age, they told me about how they had found me. The details I was given were hazy, in part, I think, to spare my feelings as I was still quite young, and in part because time had dulled their recollections, and not all that had found me were still among us. The nomadic life is hard, and often short. Wars with other tribes, disease, and the magical horrors take many people every year. So the story I got was brief and unsatisfying, with a vague location and description of the items I was found with. They were of fair quality, and were traded long before I can remember, but there were some blankets and nice clothing, as well as a few pieces of jewelry. No one could give me a description of either of my parents, or had any clue as to what had killed them. I was less than a year old, so whatever it was could not have happened long before they found me.

This is all I know of my lineage, that there is some deep affinity with plants. The blankets and clothing of my parents was heavily embroidered with flowers and plants, and I've always had an uncanny skill with them, even in these harsh conditions. It was this talent that led me to be apprenticed with Master Jenkins of the Chemist's Guild in Tarenth, a small oasis town on the border of the Empire. They had lost one of their herbalists, to what, he did not say, and needed someone to take their place. And thus I left the only family I'd know, and stayed with the guild and learned the trade of distilling plants.

It was Master Jenkins who gave me the surname Pastora, as it followed from my given name, Maria, and my specialty with a specific flowering plant named Salvia. This can be distilled into an herbal concoction that is highly sought by the people who, shall we say, are displeased with the reality in which they find themselves and would prefer to escape to another. My particular specialty was Salvia Divinorum, also known as "salvia of the ghosts", for the hallucinogenic dream-like state that had many claiming to speak to long-dead relatives and ancestors. Not a lot is known about this plant, or where it came from, leaving a lot of people to believe it is a gift from the moon goddess, since the plant only blooms when the length of the night exceeds the length of the day.

Thus I was known as Maria Pastora, and traveled the Blasted Lands with the guild growing, distilling, and peddling our wares in various oasis towns, always staying one step ahead of what passed for the authorities in this outlaw land. It was in the town of Farhaven that I met the Naulati, a loose group of people who are scattered about, searching for the truth about the Dieni. They don't believe they are dead, at least, not all of them, and they have sworn an oath to find and obliterate the last of them. The Dieni are responsible for the abject misery of poverty of the Blasted Lands, and the unfair enslavement in the Empire. They are both directly and indirectly responsible for all of humankind's suffering, and every last one of them must pay. And they will.


  • Strength 8 -1
  • Dexterity 10 +0
  • Constitution 13 +1
  • Intelligence 14 +1
  • Wisdom 13 +1
  • Charisma 16 +2

Skill Rolls[edit]

  • Strength 13
  • Dexterity 11
  • Constitution 8
  • Intelligence 7
  • Wisdom 8
  • Charisma 5

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Hardiness: 13
  • Evasion: 13
  • Spirit: 12


  • Effort: 3
  • Influence: 3
  • Dominion: 3 / 1
    • Establish food farming operation around home base
    • Establish apothecary growing fields around home base
  • XP: 5


  • AC: 6
  • HP: 14
  • Armor: Light
  • Weapon: 2 hand weapons (+2, 1d10+0, melee); Fire (+2, 1d10+0, magic, 50 ft).

Words and Gifts[edit]

  • Death- Can command undead and sense the facts of the dead and dying within 100 feet.
    • Withholding the Mercy
    • Mantle of Quietus
    • Scythe Hand
  • Fire- Invulnerable to flame, can throw fire.
    • Nimbus of Flame
    • Consuming Gaze
    • Firestorm
  • Night- See in the dark, no sleep, can't accidentally wake the sleeping.
    • Damn Their Eyes
    • A Road of Shadows
  • Apotheosis
    • Receive the Incense of Faith

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