Lykka Sataar

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Lykka Sataar

Born and raised on the planet Mirial, Lykka is one of many siblings in the large but poor Sataar clan. She didn't have an unhappy childhood, but it was a struggle and she had to learn how to get by with few resources.

When it was discovered that Lykka was very strong in the Force, she was sent to the Jedi temple on Tython for training. She was an excellent, well-rounded padewan, developing skills with both the lightsaber and the Force. She is particularly skilled in the more stealthy aspects of the Force, mastering the rare Force Haze ability at a young age. As such, Lykka undertakes more stealthy missions for the Jedi when needed.


Race: Mirialan
Class-Level: Jedi-5
Background: Urchin
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Destiny Points: 7/7; Darkside Points: 0
Passive Perception: 14; Passive Investigation: 10
Hit Dice: 5d8; Spent HD: None
Strength: 10 (+0); SAVES*: +0/+1; {Original value: 10}
Athletics: +3
Dexterity: 18 (+4); SAVES*: +7/+8; {Original value: 15 +1 race, +2 ASI}
Acrobatics: +7 Advantage
Drive: +4
Initiative: +4
Pilot: +4
Sleight of Hand: +7
Stealth: +7
Constitution: 13 (+1); SAVES*: +1/+2; {Original value: 13}
Intelligence: 11 (+0); SAVES*: +0/+1; {Original value: 11}
Capital Ship Pilot: +0
Computer Use: +0
Galactic Lore: +0
Investigation: +0
Mechanic: +0
Nature: +0
Religion: +0 Advantage
Supernatural: +0
Technology: +0
Thievery: +0
Wisdom: 12 (+1); SAVES*: +1/+2; {Original value: 12}
Animal Handling: +1
Insight: +1
Medicine: +1
Perception: +4
Survival: +1
Charisma: 16 (+3); SAVES*: +6/+7; {Original value: 14 +2 race}
Deception: +6
Gambling: +3
Gather Information: +3
Intimidate: +3
Performance: +3
Persuasion: +6
SAVES* Normal/When lightsaber ignited


Speed: 30 ft
Initiative: +4
AC: 19 (20 when Lightsaber ignited) {10+Insight+Proficiency+Dexterity Mod}
HP: 49/49; TEMP: 0
Heroic Damage Bonus: 2
Damage Threshold: 19
Constructed Double Lightsaber: +9 melee 2d10+7 (+3 Proficiency, +4 Dexterity Mod, +1 Weapon Focus, +1 Constructed Lightsaber, +2 Heroic Damage)

Race: Mirialan

Ability Score Increase: +1 Dex, +2 Cha
Bonus Skill Proficiency: Persuasion
Acrobatic: Mirialans have advantage when making Dexterity (Acrobatics) skill checks.
Spiritual: Mirialans are a spiritual people and they have advantage when making Intelligence (Religion) skill checks.
Language: Mirialan and Basic

Background: Urchin

Skills: Deception, Sleight of Hands, Stealth
Equipment: A small knife, a map of the city you grew up in (with your cubby-holes and secret locations), a token or trinket of your parents, a set of common clothes, a credstik with 200 credits.

Class: Jedi

Hit Dice: d8; HP at 1st level: 24+Con
Weapons: Lightsaber, Simple weapons; Saving Throws: Dex, Cha
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception
Bonus Feats: Force Sensitive, Force Training
Force Attribute: Charisma
Force Energy Points: 5; Force Power Level: 2nd
Force Power Attack Modifier: +6; Force Save DC: 14


Danger Sense: You have an uncanny sense of danger. Any effect that you cannot see, such as a hidden trap, has disadvantage attacking you or you have advantage on any saves it requires. You can also use your Reaction to stop an unseen foe from gaining Advantage with any of its attacks against you. You can’t be blinded, deafened or incapacitated to gain these benefits.
Double Attack: You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.
Force Sensitive: 3 Minor Force Powers
Force Training (x2): 6 Force Powers
Strong in the Force: When you spend a Destiny Point to adjust the result of an attack, ability or skill check, you now roll 1d8+2, instead of 1d4+1. Also you can spend two Destiny Points in a round instead of only one.
Weapon Focus (Lightsabers): For one weapon group or one specific exotic weapon that you are proficient with, you gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using this selected weapon group or specific exotic weapon.


Clear Mind: You have advantage on saves to avoid detection by another Force User sensing you using the Force Potential Minor power. You impose disadvantage on Perception to avoiding being detected with the Sense Surrounding Minor Force power.
Force Haze: As an Action you spend a Destiny Point to create a “haze” that hides you and nearby allies from the perceptions of others. You and a number of creatures that you can see equal to your Jedi Class level who must remain within 15 feet of your person. You and those allies you chose gain Invisibility condition. Force Haze requires concentration to maintain but it is dismissed instantly if anyone hidden by the haze takes an Attack action or if any ally moves more the 15 feet away from you.
Force Persuasion: The Force can influence the weak minded. You can force one target within 10 feet to make a Charisma save. If the target fails it gains the Charmed condition towards you so long as you remain close by and continue talking to the target (within 10 feet). If anyone takes a hostile or attack action against the target the effect ends immediately. This is a mind-altering effect.
Lightsaber Defense: With a drawn and ignited lightsaber in a Jedi’s hand, her resolve and confidence expands greatly through the Force. The Jedi gains +1 force bonus to its Armor Class and a +1 force bonus to all of its saving throws. You must be aware of all attacks and not surprise to gain benefits.

Minor Force Powers

Move Item [Telekinesis]: You use the Force to telekinetically lift and move a relatively light object you can see.
Time: Bonus Action, Range: 30 feet, Duration: Concentration
You to move an object weighing up to 5lbs a distance of 30 feet in any direction. You can’t use this to make an attack nor can you move the item more than 30 feet distance from you in any direction. The power also ends if you use this power again.
Sense Force [Mind-Affecting]: You can sense disturbances within the Force and other ways it affects the world around you.
Time: Free Action or 1 Action, Range: Self or up to the galaxy, Duration: Instant
You automatically sense disturbances in the Force. A location that is strong in the light or dark side of the Force can be sensed out to a range of 1 mile. A relative, companion or close friend who is in mortal danger or great pain can be sensed out to thousands of lightyears. A great disturbance, such as the destruction of an entire population of a planet can be sensed anywhere in the galaxy. With a DC15 Intelligence (Supernatural) check you can determine the distance and general direction of the disturbance. As an action you can make a DC15 Intelligence (Supernatural) check to sense the active use of Force Powers within a range of 100 miles. If your check was a 20+ you also gain how many and the approximate distance and direction of these users. A Force User attempting to hide their Force Power who wishes to remain hidden can make a Charisma saving throw against your Force Save DC. Success means you do not sense them.
Sense Surroundings: You can ignore darkness and cover.
Time: Bonus Action, Range: 100 feet, Duration: Until the start of your next turn
Ignore light and heavy obscure due to light conditions, fog, heavy foliage and similar situations out to 100 feet in front of you.
Telepathy [Mind-Affecting]: You can send a short message to a companion or familiar target.
Time: 1 Action, Range: Visual sight of the target or greater, Duration: Instant
You send a telepathic call, single thought or emotion to a creature that you can see. The creature must have an Intelligence of 3 or greater, but you don’t need to speak it language nor does it have to understand your language to understand your message. If it is unwilling it gains a Wisdom saving throw. You can try and send your message to a target you cannot see with a DC15 Intelligence (Supernatural) if the target is on the same planet and it is familiar with it. You can try and send to a similar target within the same star system with an increase to DC20+, or within the same region or quadrant of the galaxy with a DC25+ check. If you make the check by DC30+ you can send your message anywhere in the galaxy.

Force Powers

Battle Swiftness: You use the Force to enhance your ability to move freely about the battle field.
Time: Bonus Action, Target: Self, Duration: Concentration 1 minute (10 rounds)
For the duration of the power your movement does not provide Opportunity Attacks. Twice before the power ends you give yourself Advantage with a single melee attack on your turn but this must be on seperate rounds. If you hit with these attack you deal an additional +1d8 force damage.
Higher levels: You gain Advantage with two additional attacks within the powers duration for each additional Power level (max 10, but still only one a round). At 3rd Power level the damage increases to +2d8 force damage. At 5th Power level the damage increases to +3d8 force damage.
Force Disarm [Telekinesis]: You disarm an opponent or pull an unattended item to you with the Force.
Time: Bonus Action, Target: One target within 100 feet that you can see, Duration: Instant.
The target of your power must make a Strength save. If it fails, one item of your choice fly instantly into your hand if you have at least one hand with nothing in it. If you don’t have a hand free the object instead falls on the ground in front of you. Light and tiny unattended or unsecure items with range can be grabbed instead, they fail their save automatically.
Higher levels: For each additional Power level you can attempt to ‘grab’ an additional item that the target is carrying that you can see and draw it to you. You could instead try and grab an item from another target(s) that is within 30 feet of the original target to make a save.
Mind Trick [Mind-Affecting]: You use the Force to alter a target’s perceptions or plant a suggestion in its mind.
Time: 1 Action, Target: One target within 120 feet that you can see and who has at least a 3 or higher Intelligence score, Duration: Instant
The target of this power must make a Wisdom saving throw. Failure results in one of the following conditions of your choice:
  • You create a fleeting hallucination that distracts the target and enables you to use Dexterity (Stealth) check as if you had cover verse the target.
  • You can create a fleeting hallucination that distracts the target and grants you advantage on your next attack or skill use against it.
  • You make an otherwise unpalatable suggestion seem completely reasonable to the target. You must be able to communicate with the target, and the suggestion can’t obvious threaten the target’s life. The target won’t realize later that what he did is unacceptable.
  • You fill you target with terror, cause them to suffer the Frightened condition against you or an object or creature of your choosing that both you and the target can see until the end of your next turn. This is a fear affect.
Higher levels: Each additional Power level allows you to affect two additional targets that are within than 30 feet of each other (up to a maximum of 9 targets).
Move Object [Telekinesis]: You telekinetically move a target with the Force.
Time: 1 Action, Target: One target within 120 feet that you can see, Duration: Concentration (no limit, but if you deal damage with the power the power ends immediately)
Make a Force Ranged Attack check. If you succeed against a Medium size target it is considered Grabbed. If you wish you can deal 2d6 bludgeoning to the target but the power then ends. As a Bonus action you can lift and move the target up to 30 feet each round so long as it is within range and you can still see it. You could slam the target into another target if you wish, but this requires an action and a new Force Ranged Attack check against the new target's AC. If you hit both targets take suffer the powers bludgeoning damage and the power ends. You can attempt to grab a flying target with your Force Ranged Attack if you can hold something of its size (see Higher Level below) and move it or deal damage to it if you succeed.
Higher levels: Each additional Power level increase the size of the target that you can lift by one category (Large, Huge, Gargantuan and Colossal at fifth level) and increases the damage by +2d6 per Power level (maximum of 10d6).
Special: You can spend a Destiny Point to increase the size category of the target of your Move Objects by one and the damage you can deal with the power by an additional +2d6 (up to a maximum size category of Massive and dealing 12d6 damage).
Rebuke: You harmless absorb or deflect one Force power used against you, perhaps even turning it against its creator.
Time: Reaction, Target: Self, Duration: Instant
When you are successful hit with a Force Range Attack power or when you fail a save against a Force Save DC you can make a check against the attacker’s Force Save DC. This check is your proficiency bonus plus your Force Attribute modifier. If you succeed the power is harmless redirection and you suffer no ill effects or damage.
Special: If you succeeded with your Rebuke check against a power that used the Force Range Attack you can spend a Density Point as a free action and direct the power back at the target. Make a Force Range Attack check against the attacker’s AC. If you succeed the power affects that attacker instead! If the target has the Rebuke power it could spend its reaction to make its check against your Force Save DC to redirect the power harmless away. It cannot try and re-rebuke it as it were.
Surge: The Force enables you to jump great heights and distances as well as move quickly.
Time: bonus action; Target: Self; Duration: At the start of your turn.
You gain +10 force bonus on Strength (Athletics) check when making a high or long jumping (no minimum distance of movement is required to make the attempt) and your Speed is increased by +10 feet until the beginning of your next turn.
Higher levels: At 2nd Power level increase your bonuses to +20 with these Athletics checks and +20 feet speed. At 3rd Power level instead increase your bonuses to +30 to Athletics and +30 feet speed. At 5th Power level increase your bonus to +40 to Athletics and +40 feet speed.
Special: You can spend a Destiny Point to increase these bonuses by an additional +10 to Athletics (for jumping and leaping) and +10 feet speed. These stack with all bonuses above and the effects now last until the end of your next turn.


Double Lightsaber, self made, mint green/white
Sporting Blaster Pistol with an extra power cell
Small Knife
Aquata Breather
Rebreather Mask
Diplomats Pack (includes a datapad, a stim-pac, a set of fine formal wear clothing, a long-range comlink, a fusion lantern, a week’s worth of good tasting ration food packs)
Set of common clothes
Map of home city
Credstik with 200 credits.