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Hester Drake, the Serpentine

Look: sleek, apprehensive eyes

Family: old money Hot 2

Cold 1


Dark -1


Failing Dynasty Your family desperately wants to regain their secret allies

Whenever you are convinced to do the bidding of a family member, take 1 Forward to doing it and that family member gains a String on you. Whenever you help your family regain some of their former glory, mark experience.

The New Order: mark experience when you find humans to meet your needs, they mark experience too

The Drake Family was one of the founders of the town and was big in livestock and land back in the day, local employers and political kingmakers, but the transition to globalization hit this part of New England hard and the Drakes too. Somehow the family managed to stay flush and influential until the Feds started investigating Drake Industries... then the bottom fell out. Over the summer, Hester lost her place in private school, her dad, her friends and the car she’d been promised.

Notable Drakes (just to have the names in play):

Father Ophiucus Drake is in white collar prison for financial improprieties.

Uncle Phineas Drake, an alderman of the town, now running for judge, who is keeping his distance to preserve his reputation.

Mother Belinda Drake is convinced that the trouble is because we strayed from the old ways.

Brother Lazarus is Hester’s fraternal twin and a creep. He’s not taking the current situation well at all.

Amity Drake is the terrifying grandmother.

Little Tanith Drake is her sweetly spooky sister.