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The Crooked
The Crooked
[[File:AmberAssassin.jpg | 500px]]
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Red haired woman dressed in a tailored suit and long coat
Red haired woman dressed in a tailored suit and long coat
(Like the picture but with red hair)

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The Crooked



Red haired woman dressed in a tailored suit and long coat

(Like the picture but with red hair)


Charm +2

Cool +1

Sharp +1

Tough +0

Weird -1



Assassin: When you take your first shot at an unsuspecting target, do +2 Harm.

Crooked Moves

- Artifact: You ‘found’ a magical artifact with handy powers, and kept it. Grimoire (studying the book gives +1 forward to use magic)

- Friends on the Force: You know a few cops who can be persuaded to look the other way, or do you a favour, for certain considerations. You can act under pressure to get in touch with them when you need to divert any law enforcement attention. There will be a cost, although maybe not right now.


- Garrote (3-harm intimate)

- 9mm pistol (2-harm close loud)

- Assault Rifle (3-harm close/far area)

Additional Deatils[edit]


- You have a rival from your background, Rose, who never misses a chance to screw you over.

- A police detective, Hector, has made it a personal goal to put you away.


- The target of a job was a dangerous creature, a vampire.

My thought about this character

For the Heat NPC:

- Rose was Amber's partner but as she left for Monster hunting job, she resent her as it meant her job is harder now.

- Hector is a typical obsessed detective working on the case where Amber killed the vampire. Plenty of strange thing in that case.

For how they get into the "real underworld" I choose vampire since they is look most human and so gave her quite the jump when she realized. Might be right before she kill them as they fought back with fatal wound for normal human. or after she killed them as they (whatever happen to vampire if they die in this setting. Turn to dust? Rapidly decaying?). The artifact she got is the payment for the job. I imagine she's offered a good ammount of money for the job or something else. Since she discovered the supernatural during the job it made the alternate payment, that doesn't really seems to be precious before the job, more precious afterwards.


• This hunter knows about your criminal past. Tell them what crimes they saw you commit.

- Kate? During one of her nightmares spotted Amber during the job. That's how the Agency know about her.

• This hunter was there when you decided to give up the life and hunt monsters instead. Work out together what happened.

- Note : this for me screams that the job that introduce Amber to the "real" underworld is provided by the agency after they know about her somehow. Drake could be the one giving her the job or present as the client bodyguard or something.

• This hunter is your younger sibling or child (possibly adopted). You look out for them.

• This hunter is a cousin or more distant relative.

- Note : probably not this 2

• This hunter saved your life when a monster had the drop on you. Now you owe them one.

- Connal? While Amber investigate the info found on her new book, she almost wanders into an ambush by supernatural creature. Connal saved her.

• This hunter worked with you on a semi-legal or illegal job. Work out what it was.

• This hunter is your moral compass. When you talk over things with them, their advice keeps you on the straight and narrow.

- Maggie?

• You’re powerfully attracted to this hunter. Maybe someday you’ll deserve them.