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Image: Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, near Tokyo, Japan "The Fly-Fisher King" is a PBP game of Monster of the Week run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around the lives of a small band of monster hunters working for the shadowy Region 13, an off-the-books division of the National Park Service created in secret by Theodore Roosevelt.

Player Characters

Connal Dunn the Monstrous
Drake Maxwell the Professional
Jim Beauregard the Expert
K-8 "Kate" the Spooky
Maggie Donner the Spell-Slinger
Amber the Crooked

Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1:Flora and Fauna

Current Character Stats

Character Harm Luck XP
Connal Dunn 7 0 0
Drake Maxwell 7 1 1
Jim Beauregard 7 1 4
Kate 7 0 7
Maggie Donner 7 0 4
Amber 7 0 1

These Lands are Your Lands

The game is centered around the lands of Cascadia, ranging from Northern California all the way to British Columbia. It is home to many fish, bears, deer, coyote, and stranger things, as well as a large number of humans.


Law Enforcement