Magic Jar

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • Range: 30'
  • Duration: special
  • With this spell, the caster puts his or her body in a trance and transfers his or her life-force to an inanimate object (magic jar) within range. From the object, the spell caster may attempt to possess any one creature within 120' of the magic jar. If the victim makes a successful saving throw vs. Spells, the possession has failed and the caster may not attempt to possess that victim again for 1 Turn. If the victim fails the saving throw, the creature is possessed and its body will do as the caster wills. While under the control of the spell caster, no spells of the possessed may be used. If the possessed body is destroyed, the magic-user must return to the magic jar. From there the caster may try to possess another body or return to his or her own. The caster can be forced out of the possessed body by a Dispel Evil spell.
  • Destroying the magic jar while the caster's life force is in it kills the caster. Destroying the magic jar while the caster's life-force is in another body strands the life-force in the possessed body. Killing the caster's real body strand the life-force in the magic jar until the caster can posses another body! Once the caster returns to his or her real body the spell is over.