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Age: 20 years
Age: 20 years
[[File:Maki Aki 2.png]]
[[File:Maki Aki 2.png|400px]]

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Name: Maki Aki
Species: Horseborn
Gender Identity: Cisgender female
Age: 20 years

Maki Aki 2.png


  • High Concept: Cheerful, Energetic Horse Girl from a Small Village
  • Trouble: Puts Helping Others Before Taking Care of Herself
  • Star Athlete with a Highly Competitive Streak
  • Charitable Worker Who's Everyone's Best Friend
  • Eager Peace-Maker, Reluctant Fighter

Skills +4: Athletics
+3: Physique, Rapport
+2: Empathy, Fight, Will
+1: Contacts, Investigate, Lore, Notice


  • Charge!: Use Athletics in place of Fight to Attack when you have room to run.
  • Horse Girl Speed (Athletics): When you are able to run, you may move an extra zone.
  • Horse Girl Strength: +2 to Overcome with Physique when performing feats of strength.
  • “How Can I Help!?”: +1 to Overcome with Rapport and Empathy when helping or offering to help someone.

Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 2
Physical Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]