Map of Rhygia

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Places/Notes on Rhygia.

Ryhgia is run by a High Council, with representatives from the 12 Families (the elite of the city), the Collegia and the Guilds.

Locals will tell Maren all about their once famous Collegia, a centre for learning with students from all across Ard Silia. These days, of course, it's a pale shadow of its former glory, but the few remaining Masters still send their students on expeditions of learning. These are always well guarded, as the annual fees paid allow the hire of top notch protection.

Underhall is always a good topic for gossip, but more for why it is allowed to be at all. Under the hard stone that High Town and the Citadel sit on is an underground river, fed by the lake. A large set of caverns lead to an entrance to the worlds below. Past councils have sealed the way to the surface, but this has always brought woe to the highborn of the city. And...sometimes, maybe once every twenty years, those below come to trade rare metals and gems for things of the surface world. Many of the the High families have made their fortunes in these rare trades. So the Underhall remains open and mercenaries are employed to guard it, along with a force of twenty dwarves.

The Waykeep or Wayfort is a fortified Caravanserai built by the Lakes Republic some dozen years ago. It controls the head of the pass that leads to the East and has taken most of the caravan trade away from Rhygia.

The commander of the Border Century that mans the place needs mercenaries to do fieldwork for her, as her regular troops are always busy patrolling the roads and escorting Republic caravans through the area. This work is usually dangerous, but she pays well and the Century clerics will heal people. Most people blame the decline of Rhygia on the wayfort, but old greybeards will opine that the rot set in generations ago.