Marcus Willifred Zebediah Burke Jr

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Marcus Williford Zebediah Burke Jr

Age: 58

Born: Somehwere on the Rim. "My folks kept movin'. I don't rightly know where I was born."

Mental: d8 Physical: d6 Social: d10

Chatterbox (Influence, Perform, Trick): Blather - Step up or double Trick for an Action when you just keep talking. Take or step up an Annoying Complication after the roll.

Heart of Gold (Labor, Operate, Treat): Softie - When helping a Crewmember, speld 1 PP to step up the die you lend them for the roll.

Raconteur (Fight, Perform, Trick)

Craft d6 (Cooking) Fight d6 Fix d6 (Makeshift repairs) Influence d8 Labor d8 Operate d6 Perform d10 (Telling stories) Treat d6 (Good listener) Trick d10 (Fast talk)

Mister Burke - Will to his friends - has drifted along the spacelanes for most of his nearly sixty years, taking up with one crew or another for a year or two before moving on. Despite being a good man at heart his inability to resist the call of Adventure has caused him to fail all of his several attempts att settling down, leaving behind a number of broken hearts, broken promises, and more or less legitimate children.

He cuts an imposing though somewhat ridiculous figure with his heavy 6'3" frame, high hat, wild hair, and flamboyant but out of fashion clothes.

Will's primary skill is that he talks a good game, able to be charming, menacing, cutting, or comforting depending on what the situation calls for. He also knows people all over the Rim - former employers, crewmates, drinking buddies, and lovers. As for practical skills, he's a decent cook, he plays the harmonica, and he has crewed long enough to pick up a thing or two about the practical day-to-day running of a ship. He's not much of a fighter, preferring to rely on his ability to seem more useful alive than dead, or at least too ridiculous to be a threat.