Masoja Dufirosm

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Masoja are big deals....

  • Masoja Dufiro equate to Grad Students and Highly Trained Professionals in levels of maturity.
Air Masoja Dufiros Earth Masoja Dufiros Fire Masoja Dufiros Water Masoja Dufiros Change Masoja Dufiros
Binding Masoja Dufiros Cleanliness Masoja Dufiros Combat Masoja Dufiros : Combat Masoja are among the greatest warriors in the realms of the Dufirosm. Martial specialists. Growth Masoja Dufiros Guard Masoja Dufiros : Guard AvaM have great combat powers in the protection of the client. They are also experts in fortifications and defensive magics.
Health Masoja Dufiros :Mighty healers. Bound create powerful healing items. Most Health Masoja have a history with Cleanliness races. Knowledge Masoja Dufiros: Among the great scholars of the Dufiro. Great collectors of tomes and written work. Often copy Summoning Tomes. often create tomes for new Masajoa. Rage Masoja Dufiros Rot or Rust Masoja Dufiros Shifter Masoja Dufiros
Strength Masoja Dufiros Warfare Masoja Dufiros Witness Masoja Dufiros: A rare race of Masoja often connected with Knowledge and Vision Dufiro. These beings can see the lives and experiences of a subject in great detail. z z
Death Masoja Dufiros Life Masoja Dufiros Time Masoja Dufiros Vision Masoja Dufiros Able to tap into the forces of the universe to display visions of the past and future. Wisher Masoja Dufiros