Maylon Hendrake

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Daughter of Benedict[edit]


This bitter and aggressive woman is one of the powerful creatures of the Hendrake part of Chaos. The vagaries of time relationships has given this woman time to become a mighty warrior, sour on the sword, and indulge in and become an expert in the rough politics of the Courts of Chaos. She has sources in dark corners of Chaos that she dips her claws in at need.

Some of the far wild depths of chaos have places a million years pass for a day in Amber. House Hendrake

Benedict/Hendrake breeding program[edit]

Maylon is the pinnacle and driving force of a manipulative breeding program begun when Lintra, a princess of Hendrake, returned to Chaos unexpectedly pregnant after a night of hate-sex with Benedict of Amber. Lintra gave birth and returned battle near the shadow of Lorraine where she severed Benedict's arm below the elbow at the cost of her own life.

Maylon was one of 4 daughters Lintra bore to Benedict. The others were Doria, Desri & Yalla.