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Orientation: Welcome to your last new career!

The future sucks. Especially for you.

A few weeks ago, you got the letter you've been dreading for years: Your student loan got bought out. You’ve enlisted as mercenary to avoid a life of forced labor in a corporate debtor’s prison. A training video later and you’re on the ground in a war zone with a memo listing you’re objectives and a gun with labels indicating which end to point at the enemy. Don’t worry though. Your employment contract requires your missions to have at least a 20% chance of survival.

The company wants updates on your progress but, for legal reasons, they’ll don’t want to how exactly what you’re doing all the time. So do what all disgruntled employees do. Goof off, steal stuff, and lie to your boss. Just try not get fired too soon. If you don’t pay the company for your training and weapons, they’re legally entitled to harvest your organs for resale.

Fight uppity natives and other mercenaries for Democracy(tm), Freedom(tm), or whatever. Join the McMercenaries.

Would you like explosions with that?

What's this all about?

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Game play

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