Measure Twice, Cut Once: RAIN

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Nanashi Motoko - RAIN

Nanashi Motoko just released from her stasis pod
Nanashi Motoko in her mobility suit gear

A character in Measure Twice, Cut Once

Comp/Con code: 6b12da6cb1cc499b262da7cfd6bb5363


Motoko looks fairly young since she's stuck for a long time in the stasis pod. She has a shoulder length bluish purple hair and redish purple eyes.

She usually wears body suit (like the one in the pic) paired with a long jacket


Nanashi Motoko was the result of one of the many super soldier program done during the second committee era. Once the second committee is dismantled, she's left in some remote secret research facility in stasis pod. After quite a lot of time passed, some search party of the Long Rim discovered and looted the research facility, including her stasis pod. But soon after, their ship got raided by the pirate queen Alias. Alias aquire Motoko's pod along with the other stuff but only woke her up from the stasis while she's on the run from her own crew.