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'''Chi:''' 3
'''Chi:''' 3
'''Effective Spirit Rank:''' 3
'''Effective Spirit Rank:''' 3
'''Essence:''' 5/12 ''(Spend Rate 2/Turn)''
'''Essence:''' 11/12 ''(Spend Rate 2/Turn)''
'''Morality:''' 7
'''Morality:''' 7
'''Size:''' 5
'''Size:''' 5

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Michael Alan Gold

Current Name: Michael Alan Gold Birth Name: Charles Michael Adams Concept: Immortal Occult Scholar & Mystic Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Greed


Intelligence 3 Wits 3 Resolve 3

Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2

Presence 3 Manipulation 2 Composure 3


Academics 3 (Research) Computer 1 Investigation 3 Medicine 1 Occult 4 (Ghosts and Spirits, The Gentry) Politics 1 Science 1

Athletics 2 Brawl 1 Firearms 2 Larceny 1 Stealth 2 Survival 1 (The Spirit Realm) Weaponry 3 (Knife, Stun Gun)

Empathy 3 (Emotions) Expression 2 Intimidation 1 Persuasion 3 Socialize 3 Streetwise 1 (Black Market) Subterfuge 3 (Playing Roles, Technical Truths)


Health: 7/7 Willpower: 6/6 Chi: 3 Effective Spirit Rank: 3 Essence: 11/12 (Spend Rate 2/Turn) Morality: 7 Size: 5 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Initiative Modifier: 6 Experience Spent/Earned: 48/75


Chi (2 Additional Dots) (•••)(•••) (Immortals - Page 111) Effect: Your character gains an additional dot of Chi. All Purified begin play with one dot of Chi. However, more experienced and powerful Purified have more dots in Chi. During character generation, each additional dot of Chi costs the character three Merit dots. See Effects of Chi (p. 99) for more information about how this Merit affects your character. Purified characters can purchase this Merit no more than twice, for a total Chi of three.

Contacts (Online Occutist Community) (•) (World of Darkness - Page 114)

Essence Reservoir (••) (A Small Metal Flask) (Immortals - Page 111) Effect: Your character has some talisman or other item that can hold additional points of Essence. The character must touch this item to put Essence into it or retrieve Essence from it. The amount of Essence your character can put in or remove from this item every turn is limited by both how much Essence he can spend per turn and how much Essence the device can hold. A one-dot Essence reservoir can hold up to three points of Essence and must be at least as large as a small wrist watch or a large coin like a quarter. A two-dot Essence Reservoir can hold up to six points of Essence and must be at least as large as a large pocket watch or a cell phone. Regardless of their size, Essence Reservoirs can be made in any form, including being a working cell phone or watch. Essence reservoirs also exist in Twilight, the Shadow Realm and the Underworld. If the character is touching this item when he sends his mind into one of these realms, the item vanishes from the physical world and remains with him in the realm to which he travels. Also, as long as he is touching this item when he returns to his body, it reappears with him. Purified cannot create Essence Reservoirs, but they can bargain with spirits or some powerful mages who know the secret of their creation.

Familiar (•••) (Cat Spirit) (Immortals - Page 112) Effect: Your character has a magical bond with an immaterial and invisible spirit that aids him and which normally dwells in the Spirit Realm. These familiars can temporarily manifest like ghosts (see “Manifestations,” p. 210 in the World of Darkness Rulebook), but their ephemeral bodies are otherwise invisible and intangible to the physical world. A familiar must manifest or use Numina to affect anything in the physical world — except for its bonded Purified, whom it can touch at will, just as the Purified can always see the familiar.

A familiar is considered to be the lowest rank of spirit (a “squire” or “lesser gaffling”, with a limit of 5 on all traits, and a maximum Essence of 10. The Storyteller designs the spirit’s traits. Each familiar begins play with at least one dot in each Attribute, with extra dots as listed below. For rules concerning spirits traits, including additional Spirit Numen, see p. 210-212 in the World of Darkness Rulebook, as well as pp. 317-322 in Mage: The Awakening, pp. 273-282 in Werewolf: The Forsaken, or pp. 130-149 in Book of Spirits.

The character to which the familiar is bonded is considered to be its anchor to the material world, although there is no limit to how far a familiar can travel from the Purified it is linked to. It also does not lose Essence for every hour it spends in the physical world. It must follow all the other rules concerning Essence, however, including spending one Essence per day. If It is reduced to zero Essence, it falls into Slumber but it is not transferred back into the Spirit Realm as long as the Purified-familiar bond still exists. Like other spirits, it can gain Essence by being in proximity to something that it reflects (p. 135, Book of Spirits, pp. 319-320 in Mage: The Awakening, pp. 275-276 in Werewolf: The Forsaken, or Book of Spirits, p. 135).

The Purified and her familiar have an empathic connection; each can automatically feel the emotions of the other. However, supernatural effects that damage or manipulate the familiar through an emotional attack don’t damage or manipulate the Purified to which it is bonded. Also, your character can use his familiar as a magical connection that is sufficiently close that there are no penalties to her Siddhi roll.

Improvement: To improve a familiar, the player of the Purified must spend some of his character’s experience points on the familiar.


Power 3 Finesse 4 Resistance 4

Willpower: 7 Essence: 10 (10 max) Initiative: 8 Defense: 4 Speed: 14 Size: 2 Corpus: 6 Influence: 2 (Cats)

Ban: Will not physically harm someone as long it sees them treating a cat well.


Howl: This Numen enables a spirit to let out a blood-curdling howl that causes an opponent to panic and run. The spirit spends a point of Essence and then rolls Power + Finesse – the opponent’s Composure. If the spirit wins the contest, the victim must flee the spirit’s presence for a number of turns equal to the number of successes achieved.

Regenerate: The spirit can use Essence to regenerate Corpus. There is no dice pool for this Numen. Once activated, the spirit automatically regenerates one level of damage per turn. It regenerates bashing damage first, then lethal. This Numen costs one Essence per turn. Aggravated damage must be healed normally.

Language: German (•)

Language: Latin (•)

Language: Spanish (•) (World of Darkness - Page 109)

Locus (••) (Kitchen of Michael's house. Resonance of Joy and Pride)

Locus (•••) (Immortals - Page 112) (Antique Bookshelf that Michael brought with him. Resonance of Possessiveness) Effect: The character has claimed a minor locus (see p. 92). One dot provides your character with a one-dot locus, two dots provide your character with a two-dot locus. The addition of one dot to the cost allows this locus to be mobile. However, the object to which the locus is attached must be inanimate and can never be smaller than a large steamer trunk or some other object of at least Size 5. Loci do not combine, moving a one-dot mobile locus into the area of a three-dot locus does not temporarily create a four-dot locus. Instead, spirits and the Purified can still draw Essence from both loci separately.

Meditative Mind (•) (World of Darkness - Page 109) Effect: Your character can effortlessly enter a meditative state when she chooses, and can remain in it for as long as she wishes. All environmental penalties imposed to Wits + Composure rolls to meditate are ignored. Not even wound penalties apply to your character’s efforts to focus. See the Meditation Attribute task in Chapter 2, p. 51.

Relic: The Janus Lock and Key (••••) (Reliquary - Page 85; Immortals - Page 110 states this Merit is available to Purified) Effect: The character owns a mystical object or relic. How the character came to own the object is up to the player. The character might have inherited the object, stolen it, purchased it or just found it by sheer luck. Note that this Merit only represents an object that a character begins play with; if your character finds a relic during a story, you don’t need to pay the experience points for it.

The Janus Lock and Key


An antique lock and key set of unknown provenance. Allusions to these artifacts date back to at least the Renaissance, though descriptions tend to vary. Some speculate that means there is more than one set in existence, while others believe the appearance of them changes over time. When the lock is installed in a door it can allow the bearer of its key to reach it from any door with a lock from potentially anywhere. The one who wields it must either expend a significant amount of mental effort (2 Willpower points) or sacrifice a mote of whatever supernatural energy one can utilize (a point of Essence, Glamour, Mana, etc) while saying "To Janus, for the toll" to attempt to rouse the bond between Key and Lock (Wits + Manipulation roll). If successful, the key will fit into the next lock the wielder attempts to insert it into. Whether the wielder actually is paying a toll to Janus, God of Beginnings and Endings, Doorways and Transitions or the unknown creator just thought making the activation ritual a mythological reference would be stylish is unknown.

Any door it's used on opens not to where it would normally lead but instead to a misty, grey void. Anyone or anything who crosses the threshold into that void within a turn will be swallowed up by those mists as the door shuts behind them. A minute later (or a turn later for a Dramatic Success) they will find themselves going through the door the Lock was installed in to the room or place it leads into. In the event the attempt to use the Key is a Dramatic Failure it can still be used to open a door but those swallowed by the mists are not transported to the door with the Lock but instead are expelled out of the door they used one hour later covered in scratches and bruises (equivalent to four points of bashing damage). This method of transport can even be accomplished between realms, such as from Earth to the Underworld, but the cost in effort or energy is twice the normal one (4 Willpower points or 2 points of Essence, Glamour, Mana, etc). The time it takes for travel is from the external perspective. From the point of view of those making the transit it is instantaneous. As to the nature of the void, opinions vary among those aware of it. Some simply think the grey void is an unknown portion of an already known realm, such as Spirit Realm or the Underworld. Others believe use of the artifacts temporarily creates a new portion of existence to act as a corridor. And then there are some, mostly among those who believe a toll is actually paid to an entity behind the mythological Janus, that call the grey void the Border Realm, the place of transition which lies between all points and moments, worlds and states of existence.

The door with the Lock installed can be used in a similar manner. If one states the phrase while paying the toll and touching the lock and then opens the door it will lead to the grey void. Anyone or anything crossing the threshold into it within a turn will be transported through to wherever the last door The Key was used on is (assuming success in the Wits + Manipulation roll). Of course if one didn't bring The Key with them then one will have to take the long way back. (Bought as Unnatural Travel **** from page 111 of Reliquary with the Alternate Activation Costs options Ritual and Sacrificial found on page 116. If used to transit between worlds the toll is either 4 Willpower or 2 Vitae/Essence/Satiety/etc).

Resources (••••) (World of Darkness - Page 115)

Ritual Crypt (•) (Immortals - Page 113) (Michael's bedroom. The sigils were drawn using ultraviolet ink so they're only visible under blacklight) Effect: Your character has a ritually prepared location where her body can be made to reappear if it dies. Even if the character’s corpse is largely intact, she must spend five points of Essence to cause her body to vanish from its current location and appear within the ritual crypt. At minimum, this crypt consists of a bed, slab or other surface large enough to hold your character’s body inside a room with doors and windows that close. This location could be anything from a deeply buried stone crypt to an ordinary bedroom. Regardless of the crypt’s appearance or location, the slab, or bed where your character’s body reappears and all of the walls and doors of this room are marked with special sigils. If any of these markings are disturbed, the ritual crypt does not function and the character’s body remains where it was. Your character can only cause her corpse to reappear there; she cannot cause her still-living body to magically appear at this location. Also, even if the character’s corpse is fully intact, it costs five points of Essence to move her body to the ritual crypt, because doing so involves destroying the body at its present location and then restoring her body to the crypt. All Purified automatically know how to create a ritual crypt; possessing this Merit only means that your character has taken the time and effort to create one.

Spirit Realm Sanctum (•••) (Large and Comfortable, Formidable) (Immortals - Page 113) Effect: Your character has a stronghold in the Spirit Realm where he can retreat from foes and regain his strength. The exact nature of this sanctum is up to you, it could be a well-fortified building, a deep cavern, or something far stranger like a living hollow tree the size of a small apartment complex that is also an intelligent spirit who is your character’s loyal friend and ally. All spirit realm sanctums are by their nature difficult for enemies to locate, with the basic Spirit Realm Sanctum providing anyone attempting to locate it with a –3 penalty to all rolls to do so. A one-dot Spirit Realm Sanctum is a relatively small and spartan space, like a room in a cave or a small hut. The sanctum is relatively comfortable, but is both small and devoid of amenities. This Sanctum can be enhanced in three different ways that each increase the cost of the Merit by one additional dot. A Spirit Realm Sanctum with all three advantages costs four dots.

The enhancements are:

• The sanctum is both larger and more comfortable. It can be as large as a large house or small mansion and contain light heat, running water, a well-stocked larder, some facilities for entertainment and various similar comforts.

• The sanctum is far more formidable. It now has a penalty of –5 to all roll to locate it and is also highly defensible. When locked up, which your character can accomplish in one turn, its walls have a Durability of 10.

• The sanctum becomes a spirit that is intelligent and loyal to your character. This spirit cannot move.

Inherent Purified Abilities

Eternal Youth - Physically healthy in early 20's; No scars, tattoos, piercings and other markings unless Willpower and effort is used to keep one.

Immune to All Disease

Resistant to All Poisons: +2 bonus

Rapid Natural Healing: One point of Bashing every five minutes/Lethal every four hours/Aggravated every 12 hours.

Spiritual Perception - Perceives all beings and objects in the Spirit Realm; Beings in Spirit Realm are aware of this on sight of Purified

Innate Knowledge of Spirit Language - Native Fluency in speaking and understanding First Tongue.

Physical death automatically sends mind to the Spirit Realm

Arcane Senses: Unseen Sense that allows Purified to sense the presence of any phenomena related to spirits or the Spirit Realm, as well as the active use of all supernatural powers and forces. A successful Wits + Composure roll also allows one to sense the presence of any nearby loci or verges and what emotional resonances they have.

Acute Arcane Senses(Purchased Special - 12 XP): The Purified's Arcane Senses are now honed to the point he can now differentiate between different types of phenomena. He's be able to tell the difference between different types of supernatural powers and forces, and between different powers and effects within a single type. He would't automatically know what a particular Contract, Spell, Gift, etc does but he'd be able to recognize it if he sensed it again and if he actually saw the power in action he'd be able to associate the particular sensation he felt with that effect.

Basic Essence Capabilities

-Spend one point of Essence to instantly heal one point of bashing or lethal damage. This Essence also instantly stops wounds from bleeding and the character's condition from deteriorating.

-Spend three points of Essence to instantly heal any aggravated wound.

-Spend one point of Essence to heal any single wound, of any sort, in the character's ephemeral body.

-Can give Essence to ghost or spirit (or other Essence users) to secure its cooperation or pay for some service. Can accept freely given Essence from same.

-Can absorb Essence from a locus while in the Spirit Realm. Roll Presence + Wits + dots of the locus. Successes equal points of Essence gained. A Purified can extract no more than 3 X Rating points of Essence from a single locus within a 24 hour period.

-Can steal Essence from spirits, ghosts or other Purified by making a contested roll of Presence + Resolve + Chi against the target's Power + Resistance or Presence + Resolve + Chi. The winner of the contest steals a number of Essence from the loser equal to the successes scored by the victor. Purified must touch a target to attempt to steal Essence from it. Purified can only steal Essence or have Essence stolen from them when they're projecting outside their body. Stealing all Essence from a spirit causes it to become dormant and unresponsive.

-Spending an amount of Essence equal to Size allows character to completely reconstitute body from ashes or fragments of bone and rot. Less severe condition requires less Essence to restore. A mostly intact body that has rotted for a week or less would require only one point of Essence to restore.

-Spending five points of Essence will resurrect a body that's been restored within the last day or a relatively intact one that's been dead for a day or less. Resurrected body has one Health point and the rest of the Health Boxes are aggravated.

-Spending one point of Essence will keep corpse fresh for a month. As long as body remains in this state one can spend the remaining four points of Essence to restore it to life.


Piercing the Distance

The character learns to use his connection to the Spirit Realm to short-circuit distance, first with his perceptions and then with her movement. Using any of these three Siddhi requires an extended roll where the target number is five times the number of dots of the Siddhi being used. This power is also limited by how familiar the character is with the target. Seeing or even walking to a well-known location is relatively easy, while spying on a room the character has only seen once is far more difficult.

All three of these Siddhi use the mystical connection table to determine the difficulty of observing or otherwise interacting with a distant person or location.

Mystical Connection Table

–0 Intimate: The purified has a piece of the target’s physical substance, such as hair, nail clippings or blood from a person or animal, a leaf or flower from a plant, or a sliver of material from an object or building. Alternately, the character knows the target intimately. Examples include close friends, beloved pets, prized possessions or locations like the character’s home or a building the character has visited many times.

–3 Known: The character has a personal possession belonging to the target. Alternately, the character can see the location on live video or hear the target over live audio or the character spent time with the target or visited the location more than once, for at least a few minutes each time.

–5 Acquainted: The character has a photo or a detailed painting of the target or an object that the target once touched or that once resided in the target location. Alternately, the character once met or visited the target.

In all cases, the character must concentrate to use this power. Any time the character experiences a significant distraction or attempts to perform any activity that is at all demanding while using this power demands another roll, with the appropriate modifiers for distraction. Failing this roll instantly ends the use of this power, and experiencing a dramatic failure on this roll results in some sort of serious problem like temporary blindness that lasts for a scene.

Distant Vision (•) The character can see and hear events happening around the target of this power as if she were physically present in this location.

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Chi

Action: Extended (target number 5)

To use this power, the character must remain stationary and focus on the desired target. Many purified use objects like crystal balls or mirrors to help focus their concentration. Such tools are not necessary, but can provide up to a +2 bonus on the roll. While concentrating, the character may make rolls every minute. Once the character succeeds in this extended roll, he can see and hear the target. However, he must maintain his concentration to continue to use this power. The character can write or speak normally and can respond to questions, but cannot examine the world around him or take any physical action that is not both simple and very slow. This power can also be used in any realm. If the Purified is in the mortal world, he can use it to look at a familiar location in the mortal world or a spirit in the Spirit Realm, just as one of the Purified projecting in the Spirit Realm can use it to see a person or place in the mortal world

Ethereal Presence (••) Using this ability is almost identical to using distant vision, except that in addition to being able to simply observe and hear the target location, the character can also create an illusory image of himself at this location. This image looks and sounds identical to the character and moves just like the character does. However, it is nothing more than a completely intangible image. Also, while it seems to move like the character, its feet don’t actually touch the floor and it often floats a few inches in the air.

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Chi

Action: Extended (target number 10)

To use this Siddhi, the character must go into a deep trance and make a roll every 10 minutes. While in this trace, he cannot sense his present surroundings, but can see, hear and even smell the location his image is in, exactly like he was there in person. The character can also speak normally and can talk to people and spirits in the location just as if he were physically present. However, the character appears in the target location as an intangible image that cannot touch anything. Also, nothing in this location, including spirits, ghosts or magicians, can affect this image in any fashion. The character can move the image at her normal Speed and in doing so can move through walls and other barriers as if they did not exist. As a result, the character can explore regions that he has never seen before by moving through a wall an examining them. However, whenever the character enters a region he was previously unfamiliar with, he must make another roll, with no modifications for lack of familiarity. Failing this roll instantly ends the current use of this Siddhi.

Once the character has projected his image successfully, he can make another roll to alter the appearance of this image. He can do anything from change how his image is dressed to attempting to look like someone else. Making this change requires another Presence + Expression + Chi roll. Attempting to disguise the appearance of his image as someone else also requires a Wits + Subterfuge roll to determine how accurately the character can alter his image. A failure on the first roll means that the character cannot alter the appearance of his image and must wait 10 minutes before attempting to change his appearance again, a failure on the second roll means the disguise is less accurate than desired. As with the Siddhi Distant Vision, Purified can also use this Siddhi to project her image into realms other than the one she is currently in


The character learns to project his mind and soul outside of his body. When doing this, the character forms an ephemeral body that is completely solid and able to physically interact with the realm it is in as well as with objects and spirits that inhabit this inhuman world. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this same realm can also physically affect the character’s ephemeral body. Damage done to this ephemeral body has no effect upon the character’s physical body and heals at the same rate as normal damage. The Purified can spend one point of Essence to heal one point of any sort of damage to his ephemeral body. However, destruction of this ephemeral body either kills the Purified or causes them to have to spend weeks or months reforming.

While the Purified is away from her body, it remains alive but in a deep coma. If left for more than one full day, the coma deepens and can only be distinguished from death by a medical examination. When using this Siddhi, the character has no way of knowing the current state of health or any other information about her body. Should the character’s body be completely destroyed while she is away from it, she will not be able to re-enter it and must first spend the Essence needed to repair and reanimate her body.

To return to her body, Purified who are using any projection power need only find a locus or their body. The location of this locus does not matter. Once the character’s mind is in the locus, all she need do is to make a successful roll, and her mind instantly returns to her body. However, unlike mages, thaumaturges and other fully human individuals who find some way to project their minds into another realm, Purified lack any sort of silver cord or other connection between their mind and their bodies. When they use this power, Purified become mobile spirits who must make an effort to return to their body. Purified who use any projection power can be trapped in the realm they are visiting. If they are denied access to a locus or their body, the Purified cannot return to his body. Some Purified have been captured and trapped in an ephemeral realm for decades or centuries.

When projecting into any realm, Purified automatically bring along ephemeral versions of their clothes and the contents of their pockets with them. Characters who wish to take along ephemeral versions of large backpacks, large-caliber rifles or other large objects can spend one additional mote of Essence to do so. The largest object a character can take along in this fashion is Size 5.

If desired, the character can take along mortals or other beings native to the mortal world into the Spirit Realm or the Underworld by spending one additional mote of Essence per individual. All of these individuals also enter the desired realm as ephemeral beings projected outside of their physical bodies. These “passengers” must all be in physical contact with the Purified when they project from their bodies. When the Purified returns to the mortal world through a locus, the ephemeral bodies of all of those that traveled with him must also enter the locus with him. Any who are not must find their own way back to the mortal world.

Purified can also bring people and objects back from the Spirit Realm or the Underworld. Bringing back any object up to Size 3 that the character acquired in the Spirit Realm or the Underworld requires the expenditure of one mote of Essence. The Purified returns to his body to find this object in his hand. Purified cannot bring back larger objects, but they can return magically powerful objects, including both items enchanted with powerful magic, such as fetishes (see Werewolf: The Forsaken, pp. 204-209), imbued items (see Mage: The Awakening, pp. 84-85), or relics (see World of Darkness: Reliquary), provided the object is Size 3 or less.

Returning a mortal whose mind has become lost in some ephemeral realm only requires that the mortal’s ephemeral body enter the locus with the Purified when the Purified returns to the mortal world and for the Purified to spend one mote of Essence. If both occur, the mortal wakes up in her own body, regardless of where her body is located. Purified can also return mortals who have physically wandered into the Spirit Realm or some other ephemeral realm through a verge. To do this, the Purified must enter a locus with the mortal, spend one point of Essence and one point of Willpower and make a roll. If all this is done successfully, the Purified wakes up in his body and the mortal finds himself standing in the mortal world in front of the locus.

Spirit Projection (•) The character can project his mind into the Spirit Realm. All Purified know this power, having automatically learned it when they died and became the being they are now. Purified who did not learn this ability never made their way back to their body. Here, she can interact with both ghosts and spirits who are also in the Spirit Realm and can spy on the mortal world, unseen by anyone except supernatural beings and the few mortals who can perceive beings in the Spirit Realm. Because of the nature of their perceptions, all Purified can clearly see and hear everything occurring in the portion of the mortal world corresponding to their location in the Spirit Realm, allowing Purified who know this ability to be excellent spies.

Cost: None

Dice Pool: Resolve + Investigation + Chi

Action: Instant

To enter the Spirit Realm, the character need only lie down and make a single roll. To return to her body, the character can either find a locus and make another roll or simply fly travel back to her body and reenter it. If the character’s body is alive, she immediately returns to her body. If the character’s body is dead, she appears at its location, hovering over her body.


The character can use her affinity to the Spirit Realm to move her body close to, and eventually into, the Spirit Realm. Instead of simply being able to send her mind into Spirit Realm, she can also eventually learn to move her body there.

Tread Lightly (•) As the first step on learning to interact physically with the Spirit Realm, the character learns to transfer a portion of her weight there.

Cost: none

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Chi Action: Instant

The character greatly reduces her weight for the next full scene. Although this reduction in weight does not allow the character to fly or even jump further than normal, but she takes only bashing damage from falling, regardless of the distance. In addition, she can walk or run over any surface, including water, tissue paper or thin panes of glass. She can also walk across mud, dry sand or any other surface without leaving tracks or getting her feet even damp. She can also climb up surfaces too fragile to support her normal weight. However, she cannot run any faster or climb any better than usual.

Breaching Barriers (••) The character learns to shift his body into the Spirit Realm for a brief instant. This allows the Purified to walk through walls and similar barriers.

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny + Chi Action: Instant

Briefly stepping into the Spirit Realm allows the character to walk through any barrier that is no thicker than one yard. He can step through a closed door, walk through a wall, or even jump from one floor down to another. When walking through a barrier, the character makes no noise and does not disturb the barrier at all. Instead, he vanishes for an instant and reappears just on the other side of the barrier. The character cannot use this power to pass through a barrier thicker than one yard. Attempts to do so automatically fail, leaving the character bumping his nose against the barrier.


The Purified learns to construct wards that protect areas against various sorts of creatures and powers. Creating any ward requires an extended roll, where the target number is five times the number of dots of the Siddhi being used. Thus, using Ward Against The Living has a target number of 15. The character must always mark out or otherwise define the area he is warding.

There are also two sorts of wards: temporary and lasting wards. Temporary wards only require the character to either walk around the area she is warding or, if it is relatively small, outline it with her finger. When creating a temporary ward, the character makes one roll every turn to create this ward. Temporary wards last until the sun next rises or sets, whichever comes first.

Lasting wards require the character to mark out the warded area in some physical manner, such as with a fence with symbols painted on it or a line of chalk drawn on the floor. If anyone disturbs or makes an opening in this physical marker, or if it is washed away by rainfall or blown down by the wind, the warding instantly ceases to function. When creating a lasting ward, the character may make one roll every 10 minutes to create this ward. Lasting wardings continue to project an area for one full lunar month, or until the physical markers tied to the ward are disturbed, whichever comes first.

Regardless of their duration, wardings can be no more than 100 yards on a side. The character can ward most of a city block or a large house and yard, but the character cannot ward an entire shopping mall or other similar large and sprawling structure. Only one warding of each type can protect an area at one time. However, Purified can ward an area with different wards at the same time. A character could simultaneously protect her home with both a Ward Against Supernatural Beings and a Ward Against Magic. Creating a new warding automatically destroys any existing wardings on the area. Unless specifically described as otherwise, wardings are not mobile, although they can be used to protect the interior of mobile spaces like trailers, mobile homes or even cars. Creating a wearable version of any ward is also impossible.

Ward Against Supernatural Beings (•) This ward is designed to prevent spirits, ghosts, and similar beings from other realms from affecting the warded area and anyone or anything inside it.

Cost: 2 Essence (+1 Willpower to create a lasting ward)

Dice Pool: Presence + Academics + Chi

Action: Extended (target number 5)

The ward prevents spirits, ghosts, and similar beings from outside the mortal world from entering the area. Any such being attempting to enter or to use the Reaching Numina to gain access to the warded region must achieve a number of successes on a Power roll in excess of a reflexive Presence + Academics + Chi roll made by the character. Even if they are in the Spirit Realm, spirits, ghosts and similar beings that fail to achieve the necessary number of successes cannot enter the warded area and must wait for one full day before trying again to do so.

Ward Against Magic (••) This ward protects the space and people inside it from all forms of magic and other supernatural powers, including Werewolf Gifts, Vampire Disciplines, Spirit Numina and all similar powers.

Cost: 2 Essence (+1 Willpower to create a lasting ward)

Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Chi

Action: Extended (target number 10)

The character protects an area from supernatural effects used by anyone other than the character and up to a two dozen specific individuals named when the warding is created. Even if he is not present inside the warded area, the purified can reflexively make a Wits + Occult + Chi roll as contested roll against any supernatural ability used on anyone or anything inside the warded area. If the attacker does not win the contest by at least one success, the ability fails to affect everyone inside the warded area. In addition, even if the attacker wins this contest, subtract the successes rolled by the ward’s creator from the total number of successes rolled by the attacker. This subtraction can transform an exceptional success into an ordinary success.

Ward Against The Living (•••) This ward prevents all living or once-living creatures, including humans and animals, as well as partly human beings like Werewolves and once-human beings native to the mortal world like Vampires or other Purified. The character can create a ward designed to only protect against certain general types of beings, like only vampires or only human children. However, it is impossible to ward an area against “enemies” or some other similarly vague category. Also, when creating this warding the character can specify up to two dozen named individuals who can freely enter and leave the warded area.

Cost: 3 Essence +1 Willpower (+1 additional Willpower to create a lasting ward)

Dice Pool: Resolve + Intimidation + Chi

Action: Extended (target number 15)

When any being of the appropriate type attempts to cross this ward, either to enter or exit the warded area, they must make a contested Presence + Supernatural Advantage (if any) versus the character’s Resolve + Intimidation + Chi. Beings that do not win this contest by at least one success cannot enter or leave the warded area and also lose one point of Willpower if they fail. An individual can make no more than one attempt every scene to cross this warding.


Blast (Fire)

Dexterity + Weaponry + Chi

The entity may wound opponents at a distance. Range is equal to 10 yards per dot of Power and the entity does not suffer range penalties. If the activation roll succeeds, the Blast wounds as a +0L weapon. The entity may increase the lethality of its Blast by paying Essence — every two Essence spent increases the “weapon” by +1L. The maximum weapon bonus is equal to the entity’s Rank.


Manipulation + Subterfuge + Chi

The entity may create an illusion experienced by a single target: it can be anything from a sight or sound to an imaginary person who holds a conversation. The Numen costs one Essence and is contested by the victim’s Wits + Composure


iPhone +2

iPad +2

2 Spare Burner Phones

Bluetooth Earpiece

Digital Recorder +2


Flashlight +1

Ultraviolet Penlight

Ultraviolet Ink Pens +2

Duct Tape +1

Personal Computer +4



Entertainment Center

Fashionable Clothing +3

Incense +1 (Anise for Meditation, Sage for Warding)


Salt +2

Stun Gun

Light Revolver and 2 clips

Light Pistol and 2 clips

Rifle and 3 clips

Knife Collection to cover a spectrum of banes (Aluminum, Bone, Brass, Bronze, Bulletproof Glass, Cold Iron, Copper, Flint, Gold, Lead, Obsidian, Plastic, Platinum, Silver, Steel, Tin, Titanium, Wood)

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid


The immortal currently known as the human mystic Michael Alan Gold was born Charles Michael Adams at the very beginning of the 20th century. The scion of a prosperous family, Charles was first introduced to magic in college. It was the 20's and mysticism was yet another fad sweeping the nation. Spiritualism, Theosophy and other mystical philosophies were all the rage. Like many of the young and well off those days, Charles joined an occult society and started participating in "magical" practices. What set Charles apart from the vast majority of his peers was while they were either taken in by charlatans or gave up their pursuits in disappointment after failing to achieve any meaningful level of ability, he had found authentic hermetic magicians and had proved to be a gifted and enthusiastic student of the mystic arts. In just a short number of years he had managed to become quite an accomplished magician, mastering a number of practices and techniques of Low Magic (any form of magic that's not Supernal in nature).

Charles spent his next few decades living an extraordinary life. After college he climbed to a respectable rank in his occult society while using his magical abilities to grow his fortune. In the 30's he traveled the world hunting for arcane lore and mystical artifacts. During World War II he served his country in the OSS, secretly part of a cabal of fellow agents who happened to be mystics hidden within the organization. Jokingly referring to themselves as the Office of Strategic Sorcery, they employed their arcane knowledge and power to help the war effort and oppose Axis occultists. After the war Charles went back to occult research, as well as tutoring promising students in the mystic arts. By the time the 80's arrived Charles had managed to live a long and accomplished life. Most people in their twilight years would have been satisfied and just retired to enjoy what time they had left.

But Charles was not most people. It was not enough for him. There were still much lore left to learn and experiences to savor. He had options that others didn't. A lifetime of gathering arcane knowledge and interacting with otherworldly entities meant he had leads he could pursue. Hints of a way of not only undoing the burden of years but denying the inevitability of death itself. And not the undead eternity of darkness and hunger that defined a Kindred's Requiem or the morally despicable and never ending predation cycle of practices such as Blood Bathing or Body Thievery but a true, living, lasting immortality that could be ethically achieved. It wasn't easy. He spent the next decade and a small fortune traveling the globe, following every clue he found from obscure passages found in rare texts, chats with learned ghosts and interviews with ancient spirits. All the while staving off the end with longevity potions and pacts with health spirits to buy him a few more years to complete his quest.

And complete it he did. It was 1991 when he finally managed to devise the correct formula that would enable him to follow The Outer Path. Drinking the elixir he created from an ancient alchemical formula he had managed to reconstruct from disparate sources, Charles died only to awaken in the Spirit Realm far from where he had expired. After spending a week trying to survive and travel trough that world, during which he befriended a newly born cat spirit that would become his familiar, he managed to make it back to his body and rise again. A body that was now forever young and healthy, Purified of the flaws of aging, illness and mortality. Like all things in life there was a minor drawback or two. Apparently his altered metaphysical state in relation to the cosmos meant much of the arcane lore he had learned in life could not be applied the exact same way as he used to do. Some magical abilities, such as Scrying and Warding, were easily remastered with a little study and effort. Others have so far managed to elude him. Alchemy for example, due to his soul now bearing an affinity to the Spirit Realm instead of the Material World, has proven so far to be quite impossible to perform.

On the plus side, his new state of being has opened new potential avenues of arcane power for him. Since his transformation the character has tried to enjoy a comfortable life while attempting to expand his occult knowledge and master new mystic abilities. Securing reliable sources of Essence to fuel his powers and offer as incentive for spirits to teach their numina and perform other favors is one means to this end. Which is why when he made the acquaintance online of an aging mystic who happened to own valuable arcane real estate that included a locus sheltered within a Spirit Sanctum formed from the perfect spiritual manifestation of her home and its contents, Charles revealed his true nature to her. He offered the secret to becoming Purified in exchange for the property. She of course jumped at the chance and the exchange was made, which was how the immortal currently known as the human magician Michael Alan Gold recently came to Miami.